NBC Basketball Camp at Auburn Adventist Academy

NBC Basketball Camp at Auburn Adventist Academy
NBC Basketball Camp at Auburn Adventist Academy

Improve your basketball skills at NBC Basketball Camps in Auburn, Washington this summer. Only a short drive outside of Seattle, this camp is just what you need to give you an edge on the competition and receive valuable feedback from our coaches.

NBC Basketball Camps is a top level basketball training program and offers six sessions of basketball camps at Auburn Academy, a residential high school. NBC Camps at Auburn challenges athletes to reach their potential on and off the court combining enthusiasm and intensity for basketball and life that is unparallelled.  NBC Auburn staff members invest 100% into the lives of every camper working to help them improve in all aspects. Find the camp program at NBC Auburn to help you reach your basketball goals.  As one of our longest running and most popular camp locations, this is the perfect place for you to elevate your game.

Highlights Include

  • A serious basketball camp which not only makes you a better player but a better person
  • Coaches committed to your improvement and personal assessment of athletic and basketball skills
  • An atmosphere of intensity, great fun, respect, Christian values and a commitment to hard work and skill mastery
  • Total basketball skill development in all aspects of the game 6-10 hours per day of training
  • High energy and fun events like Intensity Night, Evening Program, and All-Star Games
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Meet Camp Coaches

Roger Smith
Camp Director

Roger Smith

Coach Roger has been a site director for over 15 years and runs one of the best basketball camps in the country, His attention to detail, enthusiasm and ability to run a great camp has singled him out as one of the best directors. Nike Basketball Camps CE0 Steve Pence says no one runs a better camp on the planet than Roger Smith. 

More Directors & Coaches
Camp Director

Jack Menashe

Coach Jack Menashe has been trained personally by NBC Founder Fred Crowell and Coach Roger Smith. He has directed the NBC Pure Shooting Camp for over 4 years now and is committed to making this camp transformational. His energy and focus make this camp a must attend.

Camp Director

Bary Gould

Bary has coached at NBC for 3 years. He is a coach at Auburn, Crowell's Intensity Camp, and Native Alaskan Villages. Coach Gould has been coaching basketball for...

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...20 years. Bary is taking an NBC tour to Europe this summer.


NBC Coaching Staff

NBC Camps coaches are known for their hard work, great attitude, and commitment to helping you reach your potential on and off the court.  Our curriculum focuses on helping you master...

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NBC Camps coaches are known for their hard work, great attitude, and commitment to helping you reach your potential on and off the court.  Our curriculum focuses on helping you master even the most difficult skills as well as developing leadership, mental toughness, and confidence.

The NBC Difference
Unlike other camp programs where skills training falls under the expertise of the camp director, NBC Camps has built a program of training to help each camper walk out of camp a better player and person.  Our site directors work as event managers helping to run a great week of camp and facilitating the implementation of our specific camp expectations.   Our basketball instruction is based on skill curriculum and talent development we believe are essential to take your game to the next level.   Though coaching styles and drills may change, our master teachers receive DVDs, lesson plans, and detailed training on how to maximize this week of camp.  Coaching at camp is much different than coaching a team.  With over 40 years experience, our goal is to give you the best basketball and life skills instruction possible.

Coach the game at a world class level.  FAB 4
• Protect the ball
• Play with quickness and intensity
• Play Smart
• Finish the play
Teach by living valuable skills for life.   LIFE 4
• Guard your heart
• Live with love & intensity
• Be smart by seeking out wisdom
• Finish strong, never give up

TEC Method
The ability to know, understand and apply is the heart of NBC’s Teach, Encourage, Correct method.  True teaching takes place when the student knows how to reproduce the skill and self-correct the skill when it is wrong.

Camp Details

NBC Basketball Camps at Auburn, Washington for summer 2017 offer intensive skill development and leadership training. Work with coaches who are 100% devoted to help you improve your skills and achieve your goals. Find out more about NBC Camps at Auburn including what to bring lists, camp descriptions and more by clicking the link "more details'  below.

More Important Camp Details


Complete Player Camps
Complete Player Camps focus on total skill development from offense to defense, team skills, and athleticism. Complete Player camps train the beginner to advance basketball player to become excellent.  Camps include Intensity Night, games and tournaments, personal skill and athletic assessment, training includes comprehensive basketball skill instruction, goal setting, leadership, developing confidence and mental toughness, the importance of personal faith and how to elevate your life and game.

Complete Player Intensive Basketball Camp
Complete Player Intensive Camps are for athletes ages 12-18.  We require your daughter to meet three of the following criteria in order to attend.

1. They are in excellent shape and can play 6-8 hours per day. 2. They are a good athlete. 3. They have played basketball for at least three years.  4. They have competed on an organized team for at least 3 years.

Pure Shooting and Offensive Skills Camp 
This camp is designed to help athletes become excellent at basketball's most crucial skill as well as helping athletes become an unstoppable offensive force.  Every athlete at the Pure Shooting Camp receives video analysis and detailed instruction on shot mechanics and correction. Summer 2017 will see significant improvement in the execution of this camp and we are excited for the improvements to this important camp.

Crowell U Camps
There are only two positions in modern day basketball.  You are either a “guard” or a “forward/center.” If you are a guard you must master playing the point and the wing positions.  If you play big, you need to be effective at both the power forward or at center.  The Crowell University Basketball Camps are the best guard and post play camp because the teaching is based on over 50 years of basketball coaching experience.  Guards and post players are best educated when they recognize how to work together and also understand how to interchange positions when necessary.  Great point guards have sensational EQ (emotional intelligence) skills.  The ability to make others perform better is the most important point guard skill.  They will their teams to victory!  Great post players have three scoring moves that work consistently.  They know how to get open, receive the pass and know how to take advantage of their opponent.  The best ones can also dribble, pass and shoot.  If you are looking for a unique basketball camp that will challenge your understanding of the game, Crowell U Basketball Camps are for you.



Pure Shooting & Offensive Skills Basketball Camp 
Dates: June 27 - 30
Daily Times: Overnight and Extended Day (9am-9:30pm)
Age Group: Boys and Girls 11-18 years old

Crowell U – Pt. Guard & Forward/Center Mastery (Includes Crowell U gear)
Dates: June 27 - 30
Daily Times: Overnight and Extended Day (9am-9:30pm)
Age Group: Boys and Girls 11-18 years old

Complete Player Basketball Camp - Boys 
Dates: Session 1: July 9-13 | Session 2: July 16 - 20
Daily Times: Overnight and Extended Day (9am-9:30pm)
Age Group: Boys 9-18 years old

Complete Player Basketball Camp - Girls  
Dates: July 23-27
Daily Times: Overnight and Extended Day (9am-9:30pm)
Age Group: Girls 9-18

Complete Player INTENSIVE Basketball Camp 
Dates: July 30 - August 3
Daily Times: Overnight and Extended Day (9am-9:30pm)
Age Group: Girls 12-18



Located on a plateau between two rivers and in the foothills of Mt. Rainier, Auburn Adventist Academy in Auburn, Washington is 35 miles southeast of Seattle and 30 minutes from SeaTac International Airport. AAA has over 200 acres on this beautiful residential high school.

Campers will be staying in dorms. You do not need to request a roommate before camp begins. When you sign up for a room, have your preferred roommate with you. If you have no preference, we will match you with someone of the same gender and similar age. Each room has 2 beds available with additional floor mattresses if you want to room with more than one other person. These rooms are not air-conditioned and we suggest you bring a fan.

AAA has a huge gym complex which is used as one of the gym training stations as well as the Intensity station and for the nightly evening programs. The cafeteria facility provides an all-you-can-eat salad bar with fresh fruit, hot entrees with beverage, sandwich and cereal stations. (The cafeteria at Auburn Adventist Academy serves primarily vegetarian meals, however there are meals provided during the week that are not vegetarian). Swimming is available at the campus pool during supervised free time.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:00 am Wake Up
  • 7:30 am Breakfast
  • 8:00 am Ball Handling
  • 9:00 am AM Session: Full court transition, post and guard stations, shooting stations, 5 man motion offense, inbound plays/games and tournaments
  • 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 1:30 pm PM Session: offensive attack moves, defensive positioning, court awareness/ 3v3 and 5v5 games
  • 5:00 pm Dinner
  • 6:30 pm Evening Program and Leadership Groups
  • 8:00 pm Night Basketball Event
  • 10:00 pm Lights Out

Camper Reviews

Jordan H.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Loved it

NBC Auburn was extremely efficient. Happy Kids!!!! NBC Camps has a strong team spirit and great coaching.

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Arden C. Camper Pure Shooting

  • 5/5.
Pure Shooting Camp was great

This camp was awessome and I want to come back. There were lots of activities and new drills I hadn't done before.

Madison H.Camper Girls Intensive

  • 4/5.
Loved it!

NBC did well at being clear with how you need to not give up, and how facing your weaknesses make them become strengths.

Victoria P. Camp Complete Player

  • 5/5.
High Intensity

I loved NBC Intensity Night. My coach was a strong teacher of the game.

Brinley H.Camper Girls Intensive

  • 5/5.
Camp was awesome

I loved the environment and how nice everybody was.  I can't think of anything I would change to make it better.  I loved it!

JaLay B.Camper Girls Intensive

  • 4/5.
Learned so much

What I liked about NBC Camps was that they gave us time to work on what we wanted to do. They made workouts fun. They did well on encouraging kids to keep going and telling us it's okay to stop if needed. They helped remind me of how important leadership is: making wise choices and becoming/being a leader.

Aucklyn N.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Loved it!

NBC Camps does a great job encouraging players to respect parents and support one another on and off the court. And lots of basketball

Parent of Ivy B.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Great camp

Ivy grew so much as a player and person during the week. I couldn't believe how much she accomplished and she absolutely loved the camp and her coach!

Lauren B.Camper Girls Intensive

  • 5/5.
Great job

NBC Camps did a great job balancing the importance of being a good person and being a good basketball player! Also, they did a great job of challenging players to work hard!

Tori A. Camper

  • 5/5.
Make it more days!

I liked that we were put into teams so we could bond with a few girls.  I would love for camp to be longer.  I loved it!

Corinne R.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Focus on skills!

NBC teaches not only basketball skills, but life skills, which are more important than basketball. They focuses on developing the entire character of a person.

Chance L.Camper Complete Player

  • 4/5.

NBC helps me work on my inner self and work on my skills. I know I can count on my coaches for anything. I feel like I work hard and learn a lot at camp.

Ana I.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.

I liked the variety of master teachers and the different drills that worked to improve different areas of my game.

Tiffany H.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Great staff.

The camp was well structured and organized.  Great staff.

Kathryn B.Parent Complete Player

  • 4/5.
Overall pretty good.

Coaches and other leaders were very professional and organized.  I liked how busy they kept the players.

Jackson B.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Loved it

I thought NBC was a great mix of basketball and life lessons. It was very organized and fun.

Rowan F. Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Great experience

I was encouraged to be a stronger player and person.

Owen B.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Focus on growth

I love how NBC Camps focus on growth as a person and as a player. I wish there were healthier snack options at the store.

Ty A.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Awesome camp

I have been for 3 years now to the same location. I like the Complete Player best. I like the food the least.  I love the Intensity, meeting new people, the small groups, lots of encouragement and positive attitudes

Arylynn M. Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Great camp

My son had an awesome time, no suggestions for changes. I loved the scheduling and keeping the kids busy and engaged.

Camp Dates & Prices

For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-NIKE-CAMP we would be happy to help you.