Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse Club Teams

Why you'll love Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse Club Teams...

At Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse Club Teams our goal as an organization is to target lacrosse players who are not only committed to improving their skills, but who also show a selfless dedication to teamwork, a willingness to be coached, and an appreciation for the importance of good citizenship and strong character.

  • Our focus is player development and lacrosse education.
  • Gain self-confidence through Lacrosse success
  • Players in our program will participate in nationally competitive tournaments
  • Create lasting friendships
  • Have fun!

As former collegiate and professional players ourselves, we understand the dedication it takes to play at an elite level.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge, experience, and passion for lacrosse with young men who are enthusiastic about reaching their full potential.

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