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Camp All-Star
Camp All-Star

Camp All-Star, Maine is a coed sleep-over summer sports camp located at Kents Hill School in the scenic Belgrade Lakes region of Maine. The classic New England campus with its tree-lined pathways and ivy-covered brick buildings is situated on the top of a hill overlooking spectacular lake and mountain vistas. This locale allows for cooling summer breezes and incredible evening sunsets. The average summer temperature here is a delightful 78° making it the perfect place for a summer sports camp!

Camp All-Star, Maine offers the following major sports, of which campers are encouraged to choose two:

• Ice hockey          • Baseball          • Basketball

• Tennis                 • Flag Football   • Soccer        

• Volleyball           • Golf                   • Fitness

Campers can also participate in a variety of other sports, including water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, paddle boarding, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, fitness, yoga, archery, climbing and more. Take a look at a typical day at Camp All-Star, Maine under the more details tab.

Highlights Include

  • Campers customize their own schedules.
  • 4-to-1 camper-to-counselor ratio, so there is lots of individual instruction.
  • Reach your peak performance through unequaled sports coaching!
  • The only $40 million camp facility including new 200,000 sq. ft. turf fields and 50,000 sq. ft. Alfond Athletics Center.
  • Enjoy many hours each day of your favorite sports.
  • 30+ Sports to select from and campers are grouped by ability level!
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Dates & Prices

Meet Camp Coaches

Emily Fougere
Camp Director

Emily Fougere

Emily is the Director at Camp All-Star. 

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Emily graduated cum laude from University of New England in 2012 with a degree in Sports Management, while she was a member of the varsity swim team for three years. Following graduation she joined the CAS family as Waterfront Director. During the next three years she studied at Southern New Hampshire University attaining a Master’s degree in Sports Management with an Athletic Administration certification. While doing her masters degree, Emily was the Program Director at CAS. Emily has a lot of passion and love for CAS. After working for camp for years, she's now the General Manager, and loves to see campers return to CAS each year and grow as athletes into young adults.

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Camp Details

At Camp All-Star, we recognize the importance of instilling core values into each of our campers in our overnight sports program. Our mission at Camp All-Star is to help your child develop skills in their desired sports as well as core values, leading them to be more successful in each area of their life. Our six main values include honesty, sportsmanship, courage, kindness, dependability, and unselfishness. We want to provide a fun, rewarding, and memorable sport camps for kids. 

Before the summer, campers, along with their parents, customize their daily programs on the All-Star Maine activities selection form. Kids can participate in a skill-appropriate major sport for up to 2 periods per day. They then select from the list of Major Sports and All-Star Maine Skills to complete their activity schedule. 

More Important Camp Details

All-Star Major Sport Offerings:


Youth summer basketball training camps are the perfect way for your kids to spend their summer. Watch our basketball camp video! Not only can your child learn about the game of basketball, they can meet new friends while staying active. At Camp All-Star, we specialize in the business of training kids in over 30 sports, including basketball. Our basketball drills are the time-tested methods that have been producing skilled players for years and our individualized instruction promotes comprehension. Kids are grouped according to their ability level so that everyone feels comfortable on the court. Our nurturing environment provides an avenue for kids to really feel eager to learn and focus on the instruction. Which in turn helps them excel and be successful both on and off the court. Our 3 to 1 camper to counselor ratio helps to give your child the individualized basketball skills instruction they need and deserve while at our camp. 


Soccer is one of the most popular sports among children and teens, both boys and girls. Watch our soccer camp video! There are hundreds of soccer leagues around the country. Some kids choose to play soccer competitively, while others just like to play for fun. Regardless of why they play soccer, let the experts at Camp All-Star maximize their game and improve their soccer skills at our sleepaway soccer camps this summer. Our coaches have fun soccer drills for kids, goalkeeper training, and specific soccer passing drills to improve their game. 


Tell your kids to grab their tennis racquet and get ready for a great summer at Camp All-Star. Our overnight summer tennis camp for kids is a great way for children to develop their tennis playing skills as well as make new friends and develop long lasting friendships. Watch our tennis camp video! Our 2, 3, 4, and 6-week programs are the best way to enjoy summer days improving their tennis game at Camp All-Star. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we have the professional staff to help you develop your skills and improve your game. We group campers based on their skill level, so our tennis campers have the opportunity to take their game to the next level.


At Camp All-Star summer baseball camp, we make sports fun and exciting! Our hands on training routines give our campers a chance to maximize their baseball skills while learning to develop lasting and trusting friendships. Let us help your child excel and grow today. Watch our baseball camp video! There are many aspects of baseball – from learning the exact rules of the game to perfecting the techniques on the field. Our summer camps and programs can help kids develop the skills they need to fully develop their talent and love for the game of baseball. Our experienced coaches, trainers, and counselors have the skills necessary to really guide your child’s progress through our residential summer baseball camp.


At Camp All Star, your child can take their golf game to the next level with individualized instruction at our sleepover summer golf camps for kids. Send your child to Camp All-Star where they will be taught by some of the best golf instructors around. Our junior golf program is excellent: the finest PGA instructors, the best facility, and the most fun. Our PGA teaching professional provides first-rate golf lessons for kids so they can improve their game. Our kids golf camp takes strokes off their score by making a few key adjustments to your child’s swing. Our youth golf camp is all about fun while improving their game. The golf camp for kids will have your child’s swing video analyzed on our 300 yard driving range or on the magnificent Belgrade Lakes Golf Course. We are proud to provide one of the best golf camps for kids in the country, and look forward to seeing them on the links at Camp All-Star. Watch our golf camp video!


One of the many major sports that Camp All-Star offers to our campers is volleyball. A popular sport among many kids, volleyball can help to improve your child’s eye-hand coordination as well as help teach them how to work together as a team. Watch our volleyball camp video! Volleyball is a sport that takes dedication and practice, and can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. We proudly provide a volleyball summer camp program for children of all skill levels – beginner, intermediate or advanced. If your child enjoys volleyball, we have the coaches and instruction to take their game to the next level at one of our overnight volleyball camps this summer. Our talented coaches run challenging volleyball drills for the campers in order to improve their game. Our boys and girls volleyball camp is full of fun with an emphasis on skill development.

Flag Football

One of the most popular sports that kids and teens play all over America is flag football. Camp All-Star is one of the best flag football camps in the country. Watch our flag football camp video! Our experienced coaches teach the kids the best flag football plays, secret tips, and standardized flag football rules. By utilizing fun but effective flag football drills, our coaches create a formidable offense and defense that is used during the much loved inter-camp games with other nearby camps. Participating in team sports encourages physical activity, instills self-confidence and teaches cooperation and sportsmanship as well as other life-skills. We provide a flag football summer camp program for children of all skill levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Give them a summer they will always remember. 


An important part of childhood is being able to play and have fun. Kids should be able to run and jump and be outside, participating in active events and activities. Yet, it seems like many kids are becoming less active and more sedentary – either playing video games, watching TV, or sitting in front of the computer. Let the experts at Camp All-Star help your child get back into an active lifestyle and start participating in sports and other activities that will keep them healthy and strong with our fitness camps for boys and girls. Watch our fitness camp video! At Camp All-Star’s fitness camp, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment including: free weights, circuit machines and cardiovascular equipment such as Elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, and treadmills. Our experienced staff supervises each camper during our fitness camp to ensure they are getting the best workout for their body.

All-Star Special Programs:

Ice Hockey

At Camp All-Star, you can maximize your hockey game while having fun and meeting new friends at one of the best hockey camps in New England. Our ice hockey camp specializes in teaching kids about ice hockey rules, skills and techniques. Our capacity to provide individualized instruction and training will also help them become an improved hockey player. Watch our ice hockey camp video!

Golf Academy

Our golf academy focuses on all aspects of the game and will help your child fully understand and feel comfortable with the rules and techniques of the game of golf. Your child can take their golf game to the next level with our specialized summer golf program directed by our PGA teaching professional. In addition to daily instruction on our 300 yard driving range, campers play three rounds per week on a beautiful local and challenging golf course. The minimum requirements to participate in our Golf Academy are: be at least 11 years old, successfully completed 5 rounds (18 holes) of golf, and understand the proper rules and etiquette of the game of golf. 

Horseback Riding

In addition to our regular sports programs, we offer an optional Horseback Riding summer camp program 3 days a week for 1 hour per session at a beautiful facility, Meadow View Equestrian Center, just a mile from camp. The program teaches both English and Western style riding. Proper riding equipment including helmets, boots, and long pants are required for safety.

Water Sports

Camp All-Star's amazing water sports including water skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding are very popular among our campers! Summer is all about being outside, so enjoy the beautiful Maine lakes while perfecting your water sports skills at camp. These activities are the highlight for many of our campers at All-Star!


All-Star Skills: 

  • Waterskiing

  • Wakeboarding

  • Paddleboarding

  • Swimming

  • Canoeing/Kayaking

  • Yoga

  • Mountain Biking

  • Fishing

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Archery

  • Golf

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Weight training

  • Horseback Riding

  • Academics

  • Dance


Kents Hill School is a coeducational college-preparatory school for students in grades nine through twelve and postgraduate. Located just 15 minutes outside of Maine’s capital city of Augusta, the nearly 600-acre campus is on the summit of a high, rolling hill that overlooks the beautiful valleys and lakes of the Belgrade region.

The coast of Maine, the Portland International Jetport, Sugarloaf USA, and Sunday River ski area are just over one hour by car. Take Virtual Tour of the campus!

Alfond Athletics Center

At the heart of the Camp All-Star, Maine program is the Alfond Athletics Center. The 50,000 square-foot center features an NHL-size ice surface for hockey and ice skating, a gymnasium that includes a basketball court, two practice courts and two volleyball courts, and a fitness center that houses free weights, circuit machines and cardiovascular equipment. Other new awesome additions include our 200,000 square foot turf fields, indoor climbing wall and fantastic performing arts center.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:15-7:45am Wake Up
  • 8:15-8:45am Breakfast
  • 8:45-8:55am Warm Up
  • 9:00-10:25am 1st Period
  • 10:35am-12:00pm 2nd Period
  • 12:15-1:00pm Lunch
  • 1:00-2:00pm Rest Period
  • 2:00-3:25pm 3rd Period
  • 3:25-3:35pm Fruit Break
  • 3:35-5:00pm 4th Period
  • 5:10-6:20pm 5th Period
  • 6:30-7:15pm Dinner
  • 7:15-7:45pm Wrap Up
  • 8:00-9:15pm Evening Activity
  • 9:30-11:00pm Light Out

Camper Reviews

Jenna C. - Age 14 - Ridgewood, NJ

  • 5/5.
I can’t wait to come back next summer for 4 weeks

“The best experience of my life. I made so many new friends, and I can’t wait to come back next summer for 4 weeks.”

Read All 11 Reviews

Family of Alex S. - Age 11 - Tampa, FL

  • 5/5.
A well planned and thought out camp

“A well planned and thought out camp…with just 2 goals: to see your child succeed and have fun!”

Josh W. - Age 13 - Wayne, NI

  • 5/5.
My home away from home

“Camp All-Star is my home away from home.”

Family of Alexis A. - Age 14- Highland Park, IL

  • 5/5.
My daughter wanted to stay the rest of the summer!

“At the end of her 2 week session, my daughter called and said she wanted to stay the rest of the summer!”

Mike V. - Age 12 - Denver, CO

  • 5/5.
I am counting the days until the fun starts at camp!

“Camp All-Star is awesome! I am counting the days until the fun starts at camp!”

Family of Amelia W. - Age 12 - Newton, MA

  • 5/5.
Amelia's improvement was because of Camp All-Star!

“This soccer season Amelia has really turned her travel team soccer game up to the next level. There is marked improvement in her skill level, and it has been noticed not just by me but also by her coaches and teammates. I asked Amelia about this marked improvement, and she attributed it all to Camp All-Star.”

Megan G.

  • 5/5.
Excited to return

I loved Camp All Star because in addition to focusing on my major sport, ice hockey, I also was able to develop my skills in a few other sports.  I had fun meeting kids from all over the world who all loved sports as much as I do!  I am excited to return this summer.

Rachel W. - Age 14 - Meadowbrook, PA

  • 5/5.
This was my best summer.

“I went to four other camps before All-Star. This was my best summer. I can’t wait to return next summer.”

Family of Elizabeth R. - Age 14 - Denver, CO

  • 5/5.
Our daughter had her camping dreams come true at Camp All-Star!

“Our daughter had her camping dreams come true at Camp All-Star! She stretched physically and socially, with intelligent and compassionate support all the way! The food was good, too!”

Family of Kyle K. - Age 15 - Miami, FL

  • 5/5.
I would say you accomplished everything that your mission statement states and more.

“I could fill this whole page with “thank you” and even then it would not convey all my gratitude. Kyle came home from camp again this year so happy. He had a great time. He came home a little taller and more confident! Last year, Kyle played lacrosse for the first time at camp. This year he went out for the sport at school. I would say you accomplished everything that your mission statement states and more. Above all, you made him feel special.”

Family of George S. - Age 12 - Atlanta, GA

  • 5/5.

“The best thing I noticed when I visited Camp All-Star and watched my son play various sports was the supportive atmosphere that the other kids created cheering one another along. It was there for all players – the stars and the beginners. I think this reflects the spirit encouraged by the Director and Staff! Congratulations!”

Camp Dates & Prices

For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-NIKE-CAMP we would be happy to help you.