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NBA Scout Consideration Increases International Basketball Campers


NBC Camps, the largest overnight basketball and volleyball camp program in the world reports greater numbers of International Campers traveling to summer camp and projects increased growth for 2012 summer basketball and volleyball camps.

Projections from NBA management look to see 30% of International players competing for NBA franchises in the near future.   With more and more interest in recruiting players overseas, NBA scouts are attracted to the International athlete for a number of reasons.  According to NBA Head Scout Ryan Carr, International players attract the attention of the NBA for their team play, smart court sense, unselfishness and team first mentality.  Though American athletes tend to be more athletic, Internationals are passing American athletes in skill level which increases the interest of the NBA.  

With this heightened attention, International athletes are looking to come to American-Style camps to become more accustomed to American coaches as well as more comfortable not only with the basketball and volleyball style played in the States but also to become more comfortable with their English.  Most International students have studied English and are relatively fluent but for many, the opportunity to become more familiar with the dialect, slang and mannerisms of US coaches and players is helpful.

Because of the increased interest in International athletes looking for American-Style basketball camps, NBC Camps have added programs in Europe which provide exposure to coaching philosophy, training and intensity comparable to NBC Camps in the U.S.  For those campers hoping to interact directly with American players, NBC Camps have opened intensive English language immersion camps along with attendance at an NBC Camps in the states.    “Athletes will be able to make smoother transition into camp with these Language immersion programs.  The speed of the native language can be overwhelming even for experienced 'English as a second language' students.  Providing this training will be a big benefit for campers to become more comfortable in the American culture," says NBC Camps International Director Bonnie Tucker. 

About NBC Camps
NBC Camps Inc. is headquartered in Spokane, WA and founded in 1971. Alumni and camp coaches in the NBA include Jeremy Lin, Scott Brooks, Paul Pierce, and Luke Ridnour.  Campers have gone on to play in the NBA, WBNA, professionally overseas, and play or coach at many colleges and university programs. NBC Camps is a member of US Sports Camps network of outstanding summer sports camps throughout the world. Players, coaches, parents and members of the media interested in learning more about NBC Camps or the Sports and Language Summer Camps are invited to visit or phone 1-800-406-3926.

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