Green Mountain Coaches Workshop

Green Mountain Coaches Workshop
Green Mountain Coaches Workshop

The Green Mountain Running Camp Coaches Workshop offers a special learning opportunity for beginning coaches, (and even veteran coaches), looking for a more scientific approach to coaching your cross country teams.

The Coaches Workshop is designed for cross country coaches without extensive academic or coaching backgrounds.  It is Green Mountain Running Camp's effort to give back to the sport by offering this tuition-free workshop as an intensive short course in the art and science of coaching distance runners.

The workshop is offered in conjunction with the Nike Green Mountain Running Camp. The workshop teaches the principles of hard/easy training and gives coaches the tools to individualize workouts by tying together pace, pulse, and perceived exertion.

Highlights Include

  • Coaches are encouraged to accompany their cross country teams and attend the Coaches Workshop covering the latest in training and racing techniques.
  • The workshop runs concurrently with the youth camp session.
  • Study the Science of Effort Based Training.
  • Discuss various speeds and paces of distance workouts.
  • Examine the design and analysis of videotaping of running form.
  • Review techniques and suggestions for program administration.
  • Compare methods and materials for team organization.
  • Nike running shoes included in the clinic fee.

Dates & Prices

Camp Details

Celebrating our 40th year!

The Green Mountain Running Camp Coaches Workshop runs concurrently with the first two GRMC youth sessions.

Session 1: July 27-30

Session 2: August 3-6 

Session 1 of the Green Mountain Running Camp Coaches Workshop offers a unique learning opportunity for both beginning as well as veteran coaches, looking for a more scientific approach to coaching their cross country teams.

The workshop, designed for cross country or track coaches without extensive academic or coaching backgrounds, teaches the principles of hard/easy training and provides coaches with the tools to individualize workouts by coordinating pace, pulse, and perceived exertion.  Offering information for the design of training plans and workouts for all phases of training, it also assists with the organization and administration of cross country or track program from the middle school to college levels.

Coaches who have completed Session 1 can enroll in Session 2 free of charge if they have 5 or more runners from their team attend the camp.

Session 2 of the Green Mountain Running Camp Coaches Workshop is an opportunity for coaches to examine and learn advanced training techniques related to heart rate training with an eye on the design and implementation of diversified workouts for their athletes. For those coaches that previously attended Session 1, it is a chance to review training principles and individual workout schedules from the past season and fine tune them for the future.

Completing session 1 is not a requirement to enroll in session 2 of the workshop.

Both sessions of the workshop offer up to 15 hours of classroom sessions which are incorporated into the regular camp curriculum to provide a multitude of opportunities to learn from workshop staff coaches, special guest speakers, and varied breakout session presenters. Joining the camper’s running groups on their twice a day training runs is also an option for all workshop participants.

As an added bonus each coach receives a pair of Nike running shoes for taking part in our program! 

More Details


The Primary Workshop is offered from Sunday evening until Wednesday evening. During this time, participants will receive up to 15 hours of instruction as well as the opportunity to hear guest speakers and additional breakout sessions with veteran staff coaches.

The Extended Workshop is designed for coaches who attend with team members and want to stay until the camp session ends on Friday. Up to six additional hours of instruction will be offered during this session.


Topics include but are not limited to: Principles of Effort Based Training, 4 Speeds of Distance Running Training, Training Plans for your Season & Off-Season; Coaching Personality, Developing a Team, & Team Bonding; Policies, Procedures & Summer Training; Motivation &  Setting Goals For Your Athletes;  Preventing Injury & Running Drills; Meet Day Protocol; The Exceptional Athlete. 

Additional topics covered with guest speakers and breakout sessions may include:
·         Sports  psychology                                                     
·         Sports nutrition
·         Racing strategies
·         Team dynamics
·         Strength work and drills
·         Roles of stretching 
·         Bio-mechanics

Camp Check-in & Check-out Details:

Check-in TBA
Check-out TBA


Coaches stay in dorms on campus, 2 per room.  


If you would like more detailed information on the workshop, feel free to email Gerry Chester, Workshop Director, at


Located at Lyndon State College, in Lyndonville, Vermont, in the beautiful Northeast Kingdon, the Green Mountain Running Camp is one of the oldest in the country.  Coaches stay in the college dormitories, 2 per room.  Coaches and campers run on backcountry dirt roads, cross country trails in evergreen forests and sun drenched meadows...and jump into a mountain stream to cool down.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 6.45 Reveille--Wake up
  • 7.00-7.30 Morning activity: easy morning run, yoga or pool running
  • 7.30-8.30 Breakfast
  • 9.00-10.00 Coaches Workshop 1
  • 10.00-10.30 Guest speaker in main theater
  • 10.40-11.15 Breakout session (select 1 of several topics) conducted by staff coaches
  • 11.25-12.00 Breakout session (select 1 of several topics) conducted by staff coaches
  • 12.00-1.00 Lunch
  • 1.00-2.00 Coaches Workshop 2
  • 2.10-3.00 Guest Speaker or program in main theater
  • 3.15-3.30 Pre-run stretch on knoll
  • 3.30-5.30 Afternoon run and creek soak
  • 5.30-6.30 Dinner
  • 6.45-8.30 Coaches Workshop 3

Meet Camp Coaches

Roy Benson
Camp Director

Roy Benson

Roy T. Benson, MPE, C.F.I., is an exercise scientist and distance running coach. He earned a Master's Degree in PE with an emphasis in exercise physiology from the University of Florida.

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Since 1976, he has held a national certification as a Fitness Instructor from the American College of Sports Medicine. He has presented several hundred professional papers and lectures for academic and popular audiences.

He currently serves as a Special Contributor for Running Times magazine with a monthly readership of over 250,000 serious runners. His newest book "Heart Rate Training" will be published by Human Kinetics in the Spring of 2011.

Coach Benson ran competitively for over 45 years with personal bests of 1:52.7 for 800 meters and 4:19.8 for the mile. As a master's runner, he ran 36:06 for 10k, 17:22 for 5k, 4:52 for the mile and qualified for the Boston marathon with a 3:09:05 PR at age 40.

He coached at the U of Florida from 1969 to 1979 as head X-C coach for seven years and head T & F coach for three years. For 16 years, 1993 to 2008, he served as Community Coach at Marist School (a 2A size private school) in Atlanta where his girls and boys teams won 16 state class 4A X-C championships and individual runners won a total of 20 state titles in x-c and track.

He has co-directed the GMRC for 38 years and founded and  directed the Smoky Mountain Running Camp for 40 years.

More Directors

Gerry Chester

Gerry Chester has been a varsity high school cross country and track coach in Connecticut since 1987. In that time, his teams have won 17 state championships (13 in cross country and 4 in track), 15 cross country conference championships, 11 track conference championships, and have qualified for the New England XC championships 10 times where they have finished in the top three on...

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In his coaching career, he has been fortunate to work with 152 All-Conference, 58 All-State, and 27 All- New England runners as well as 3 All-Americans and 2 Footlocker finalists.
A high school science teacher for the past 30 years, he was chosen as the ‘National High School Coach of The Year’ for boys cross country in 2006. In addition, he has twice been named the Region #1 NHSACA ‘Coach of the Year’ for boys Cross Country, as well as being selected as coach of the year in the state of Connecticut in both track and cross country three separate times.

2014 will mark his 25th year as a staff coach at Green Mountain Running Camp.

Camper Reviews

  • 5/5.
Engaging and enjoyable

To the staff of Green Mountain Running Camp,
I can not not thank you enough for the opportunity to take part of the coaches clinic this summer. I had an incredible experience and learned a great deal of information to incorporate in my upcoming cross country season. It was great to see so many kids who enjoy running and to be able to take part in running with them. Coach Gerry Chester did an amazing job in the classes he taught us. His personal stories, warmth and humor kept class engaging and enjoyable. He has such a knowledge for running.  Kristin Ross also played an a huge part in my attending the coaches clinic. I coach with her at our middle school and she has been asking me to come to camp the last few years. I am so glad I was able to attend. I enjoyed the break out sessions she arranged and it's obvious she has a great presence with the campers and staff at the camp.

Thank you again for a great experience. I look forward to coming back next year either as a coach or to attend the clinic again.

Well done!

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  • 5/5.
Individual feedback

Being able to receive individual feedback at this workshop regarding our individual program and how to implement and adjust it to get the most benefit out of our season was something that other coaching workshops don’t offer. 

  • 5/5.
Exceeded my expectations

What an incredible week.  This coaches’ workshop far exceeded my expectations. Whether this was your first season coaching, or you’ve had a few years under your belt, there was much to be taken away from this workshop experience.  I am very much looking forward to returning next year to see what session two will hold.

Camp Dates & Prices

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