May 2017 TBD Peak Performance Swim Camp

May 2017 TBD Peak Performance Swim Camp
May 2017 TBD Peak Performance Swim Camp

Come to beautiful Westchester, New York and get the edge to faster swimming at this special NEW 2-day IM clinic at a discount price!

Refine your stroke technique to swim faster and more efficiently! This 2-day clinic includes elite-level training for all 4 Strokes and IM Turns. The first day is dedicated to Butterfly and Backstroke. The second day is dedicated to Breaststroke and Freestyle.

Open to swimmers ages 8-18 and suited for all levels of competitive swimming, from intermediate and elite-level age group to senior level. Swimmers are assigned to lanes based on their ability not age.

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Meet Camp Coaches

Nick Baker
Camp Director

Nick Baker

Nick Baker cofounded the original Peak Performance Swim Camp in 1996. In 2005 he branched out on his own and founded the present-day version. His vision was to create a holistic camp with a focus on developing the whole swimmer from a mental, technical, and physical perspective.

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Nick Baker has been involved in competitive swimming since 1961. He swam competitively for 11 years (and qualified for the Olympic Trials in the 200M Breaststroke), coached club swimming for 21 years, and has exclusively run swim camps for the past 18 years. He started his coaching career in Canada in 1972, and moved to the United States in 1993 to run a competitive swim camp at the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The camp’s one-of-a-kind holistic approach and positive coaching style was created by Coach Nick Baker, founder and head coach of Peak Performance Swim Camp. Following is a brief list of his swimming and coaching highlights:

• Qualified for Olympic Trials in the 200 breaststroke
• Twenty-one years as a club coach
• Coached at the World Junior Olympics in Madrid, Spain in 1991
• Attended the 1992 Olympics as the personal coach of Olympic Swimmer Lisa Flood
• Twenty years as an exclusive swim camp/private coach
• Author of two popular swimming-related books, 101 Winning Ways and The Swimming Triangle
• A featured writer for Swimming World Magazine
• Conducted more than 350 swim camps & clinics though out the US and 15 foreign countries
• More than 900 swimmers, from 40 countries, attended Peak Performance Swim Camp in 2013
• A featured clinician at numerous coaching clinics throughout the world
• In the past forty-one years he has had the opportunity to work with many elite-level swimmers, including: World Record Holders, Olympic Medalists, Olympic Finalists, Olympic Trial Qualifiers, NCAA Champions, Senior and Junior National Champions, Zone Champions, State Champions, Junior Olympic Champions, and more
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A number of positive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches will be on deck to assist Coach Baker. A great camp curriculum means nothing unless you have a team of great coaches to...

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A number of positive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches will be on deck to assist Coach Baker.

A great camp curriculum means nothing unless you have a team of great coaches to implement it. To develop the caliber of coaching we require, a comprehensive and systematic method of certification for our coaching staff is offered. Certification consists of three levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Coaches advance from one level to the next based on knowledge, experience, and achievement. An Honorary Coach category is also included.

ALL coaching levels fully endorse the PEAK mission statement, our holistic training philosophy, and the PEAK Promise. Additionally, they are active participants in the PEAK Your Knowledge Continuing Education program and have completed Red Cross safety training.

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Camp Details


At Peak Performance Swim Camp, we believe every swimmer should be an IM’er first and a stroke/event specialist second. Unfortunately, few swimmers possess the essential knowledge necessary to take their stroke to the top. Our IM Clinic will introduce swimmers to the latest and greatest stroke technique. Our state-of-the-art stroke progressions will generate instant improvement by focusing on key stroke components (Body Position, Arm Cycle, Kick Cycle, Breathing Cycle, and Timing) of all 4 strokes.

The majority of swimmers lose valuable time at the walls and are forced to play catch-up swimming down the lane. Our innovative turning progressions will reverse that trend. Turns covered include the 3 IM Transition Turns.


• Catered Lunch • Nike & PEAK gift pack

More Important Camp Details

Refine your stroke technique to swim faster and more efficiently! This 2-day clinic includes elite-level training for all 4 Strokes and IM Turns. The first day is dedicated to Butterfly and Backstroke. The second day is dedicated to Breaststroke and Freestyle.


Sunday, May 29 from 8:15 AM to 8:45 AM.


Clinic concludes at 4:00 PM on Monday, May 30. Our closing ceremony will be held at 4:00 PM before sign-out and dismissal. Parents are invited to attend.



1992 Olympic Coach Nick Baker has created an outstanding video series for swimmers looking to improve their technical and physical performance. There’s no better teaching tool than visual aides to effectively demonstrate and practice these skills!

PEAK OUT! Dry-Land Video: Swimming alone cannot develop the strength, flexibility, agility, or coordination needed to perform at the elite-level. The PEAK OUT! Dry-Land Training Video targets these all-important physical traits – giving swimmers a clear, competitive edge. The five, high-energy training circuits demonstrated in the video can be performed away from the pool and require no equipment. It’s the perfect fit for motivated swimmers on the move! Format: Stream video online. 82 minutes. Price: $85.00

PEAK Refresher 2.0: The PEAK Refresher 2.0 video, produced by 1992 Olympic Coach Nick Baker, builds on the fundamentals of Refresher 1.0 and introduces many elite-level skills not available on other swimming videos. The multiple and innovative camera angles take learning to a whole new level. The skills presented in this video are guaranteed to boost swimming performance! Format: Stream video online. 59 minutes. Price: $115.00

PEAK Refresher 1.0: The PEAK Refresher 1.0 is a state-of-the-art video also produced by 1992 Olympic Coach Nick Baker. It vividly illustrates key elements of the front, back, and relay start, along with the four strokes and turns. The step-by-step format greatly enhances learning. Format: Stream video online. 44 minutes.

PEAK Refresher Combo Package: Purchase the PEAK Refresher 2.0 video AND receive the PEAK Refresher 1.0 at half price ($75 value)! The PEAK Refresher 2.0 builds on the fundamentals of Refresher 1.0, providing comprehensive technical instruction for novice to elite-level competitive swimmers. Price: $150.00

The Ultimate PEAK Package: Purchase all 3 videos–PEAK OUT! Dry-Land Video, PEAK Refresher 2.0 video, and PEAK Refresher 1.0–at an incredible value! PLUS receive a free copy of Coach Nick Baker’s newest book, Un-Limit Yourself! A Must-Read for Serious Swimmers. The Ultimate PEAK Package provides an unparalleled, visual training experience combining the best of in-water technique skills, dry-land strength drills, and tips for a positive mindset. Price: $225.00

Private Coaching:

There are a very limited number of private coaching sessions available during the clinic. These are offered first-come, first-serve on the first day of camp. If you would like to place your name on the waitlist in advance, please email us at 

Hourly private coaching sessions with Head Coach Nick Baker are $250.00. Sessions with our Senior Assistant Coaches are $175.00.


Nick Baker, Founder of Peak Performance Swim Camp and 1992 Olympic Coach, provides unparalleled swim knowledge described in each of his books. With over 43 years of coaching experience with thousands of competitive swimmers from novice level to Olympic champions, Coach Baker addresses all-important topics ranging from the power of positive mentality and superior technique to building confidence and ideal strength and flexibility. Coach Baker’s books are perfect gifts to inspire and teach swimmers, coaches, and parents alike!

UN-LIMIT YOURSELF! A Must-Read for Serious Swimmers: NEW! The latest book by Olympic Coach Nick Baker is dedicated to serious swimmers striving for peak performance. This tremendous how-to-guide identifies 17 limiting factors that handicap swimming performance and how to overcome them. If identified early, these factors are within the swimmer’s power to change! Paperback. 52 pages. Price: $10.00

IN THE KNOW: A SWIM PARENT'S GUIDE: 1992 Olympic Coach Nick Baker shares pearls of wisdom gleaned from coaching for more than forty years and provides parents with essential inside swimming knowledge geared to maximizing their child’s swimming experience. Coach Baker sheds light on many unanswered questions parents have about swimming, and guides them in making the right decisions for their child. Paperback. 124 pages. Price: $20.00

THE SWIMMING TRIANGLE: Coach Nick Baker’s most popular book is an innovative and essential guide to achieving superior mental, technical, and physical fitness in one of the world’s greatest sports. Whether you’re a coach or a swimmer, 1992 Olympic Coach Nick Baker’s wholly integrated approach can help you maximize your true potential. In this book Coach Baker offers proven, results-oriented methods for gaining—and keeping—a competitive edge! Paperback. 326 pages. Price: $25.00

101 WINNING WAYS: Written by 1992 Olympic Coach Nick Baker, this motivational book identifies 101 winning attitudes common to all great, world-class swimmers. Each winning attitude is described with an easy-to-remember phrase and simple imagery to enhance visualization. It’s a must-read for swimmers of all ages! Price: $15.00


9:00 am – 10:00 am | Dry-Land
10:00 am – 10:30 am | Mental Skills PLUS
10:30 am – 12:30 pm | Swim
12:30 pm – 1:00 pm | Catered Lunch
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm | Yoga
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Swim


The Health & Release Form can be found at -


Camp Pool Location

Saw Mill Club East
333 N. Bedford Road
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Camper Reviews

Parent of Peak Performance Camper '15

  • 5/5.
Loved it!

My daughter attended the camp in Westchester over the long weekend and LOVED it. She said the work was hard but good and the instruction great, because “they show us what to do, not just tell us.” We will definitely be coming back!

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Parent of Peak Performance Camper '15

  • 5/5.

We just recently attended one of your swim clinics at the new Sawmill Club in Mount Kisco. The facility was absolutely beautiful. Your coaching staff was amazing and your camp curriculum was extremely progressive and thorough. My daughter came home so inspired. We’ll be back!

Parent of Peak Performance Camper '15

  • 5/5.

Wow! Just wanted to let you know how Dennis did at his high school meet last weekend. He swam the third leg of the 400 FR Relay. They had a big lead, so he swam with your new and vastly improved version of freestyle. He looked great and maintained the lead! He also swam the 100 BR and came up from the dive in first place and never gave up the lead. I think I can honestly say that was a first in his career. His starts and turns looked great. You really worked wonders with him this weekend. He seemed more confident than I have ever seen him before. He really takes in everything you say and believes that you give him the tools to be a better swimmer.

Parent of Peak Performance Camper '15

  • 5/5.
Best Camp!

Attending your camp was one of the most memorable experiences my daughter has ever had. Megan had a blast and said she learned a great deal and worked harder than she had in a very long time. She is very anxious and excited to get started with the short course season. Your camp curriculum is far superior to anything we have ever experienced. Megan couldn't wait for the next practice to come. You are an excellent coach and positive role model. It was a true honor to have my daughter swim for you.

Camp Dates & Prices

2016 Dates and Prices Coming Soon! Join our email list to be notified when the program is available.

For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-NIKE-CAMP we would be happy to help you.