Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp

Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp
Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp

Since 1979, Rod Schroeder has directed one of the very best tennis camps in America on the beautiful campus of Carthage College, on Lake Michigan. Over 12,000 happy tennis campers have attended the RSTA where they have improved dramatically through Rod’s “Stop ‘N Go” teaching system. You'll never be the same after attending the Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp in Chicago...not only because of the expert tennis training that's sure to help you reach your full potential, but for the pleasant summer camp memories that will last a lifetime!

The Three Concepts of the Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp

Students that attend The Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp learn the master the three concepts of the tennis game - technique, strategy, and mental game. The first is technique, which is taught through the Start Rite Tennis grip trainer (U.S. Pat. 7,896,762). This grip trainer helps students develop the correct grip and stroke technique, necessary for a solid foundation for a successful tennis game. The next concept is strategy, which is taught through the Stop 'n Go Tennis Teaching System. The last concept is the tennis mental game which is taught through characters and demonstrations by Rod and the rest of the staff in addition to daily match play. The biggest opponent in a tennis match is not the person standing on the other side of the net, but you! The mental game of tennis can either make or break a player which is why it is taught so extensively. The Start Rite Tennis Grip trainer and Stop 'n Go Tennis Teaching System are created, developed, and patented by Rod Schroeder. This unique tennis training system allows every rigorously trained instructor to teach stroke technique and strategy simultaneously. No other tennis camp in the whole world can say the same thing!

Highlights Include

  • Tennis instruction from teaching professional Rod Schroeder and his expert staff
  • Learn the master the three concepts of the tennis game, technique, strategy, and mental game
  • Each camp receives a Nike Tennis Camp T-Shirt
  • 5-6 hours of daily tennis training with 6:1 student/teacher ratio
  • Elevate you game in a fun and safe environment
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Dates & Prices

Meet Camp Coaches

Rod Schroeder
Camp Director

Rod Schroeder

Rod's enthusiasm, know how, and friendly ways have made him a winner, on the courts and off. Young in years and ideas, Rod has plenty of solid experience: over 35 years as an accomplished player, more than 30 years as a leading coach and instructor.

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Rod was an outstanding athlete during high school, and while a finance major and scholarship recipient at the University of Illinois, he played both Number One singles and Doubles and was named to the All Big Ten Team. Even with his total commitment to coaching he plays regularly...consistently ranking among top finishers while competing against other teaching Pros and earning noteworthy USTA rankings. In 1997 Rod was named to the Midwest Hall of Fame, an honor given to only a few teaching professionals for their outstanding Service, Dedication, and Expertise in the field of tennis instruction.

Rod has helped develop hundreds of players who have achieved high local, sectional, and national rankings and tournaments laurels. An impressive number receive athletic scholarships, and a number have had success on the pro tour including Rod's protégé, Katrina Adams. The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) selected him Midwest Pro of the Year and named him Coach of the Year as well. His Organizational and teaching background includes Club Manager, Head Professional, Camp Owner, and Director at major facilities in the Midwest and Southwest.

More Coaches
Brady Lindsley

Brady Lindsley

Brady Lindsley is originally from Coldwater, Mich. As a player for the Red Men of Carthage from 1992 to 1995, he compiled an 82-24 career mark in singles, which puts him third on the...

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Brady Lindsley is originally from Coldwater, Mich. As a player for the Red Men of Carthage from 1992 to 1995, he compiled an 82-24 career mark in singles, which puts him third on the all-time wins list. He joined the Carthage faculty in 1997. He has coached the Red Men to eight CCIW championships and eight NCAA appearances, as well as leading the Lady Reds to three CCIW championships and three NCAA appearances. Rod and Brady have been working on the camp for over 10 years!

Camp Details

2016 1 and 2 Week Long Tennis Camp Information

This year, the Rod Schroeder National Tennis Camp is offering two 2-week camp sessions (12 nights/13 days; overnight only). We are also offering five 1-week camp sessions (5 nights/6 days) and one Extended 1-week camp session (7 nights/8 days) with the choice of Overnight, Extended Day (8:00am-8:00pm) or Day (8:00am-5:00pm) tennis camp options.

More Important Camp Details

The Extended 1-week camp session, from July 31-August 7, is offered at $945 for Overnight campers who have attended a prior 2-week session this summer. This session is great for campers who are preparing for their high school tryouts! 

Overnight camp fee includes lodging, meals, all tennis instruction, and on campus recreation. Extended Day camp fee includes lunch and dinner, all tennis instruction, and on campus recreation. Day camp fee includes lunch and all tennis instruction.'

Camp Tournament/Weekend Stayover Option For 1-Week Campers
On the weekends between consecutive camp sessions, we hold a camp tournament and our fun karaoke and camp dance nights. Want to stay for the weekend tournament but can’t do the full second week?  Great news! Simply add on the weekend for $200 and stay through Sunday (check-out between 1:30-3:30pm).

Camp Program Offerings

In addition to the All Skills program offered each session, each session also has a tournament training and high school program. Make sure to note that you would like to participate in these programs when you register.

Tournament Training Program

The tournament training program is geared towards tournament level and ranked players looking to improve their tournament results, learn winning strategies, and work on mental toughness.

High School Program

The high school program is provided for players ages 13-18 currently on their high school team and wanting to move up the ladder or those planning on making the high school team.

Tennis Program Details

The student can improve faster by learning HOW to hit the ball and WHERE to hit the ball at the same time. The entire Stop 'n Go Tennis Teaching System is visual, color coded, and is always present. This allows the student to continue to learn even when the teacher is not instructing.

Every morning starts out with a lesson focusing on technique, stroke development of three basic strokes patterns. Each of these lessons are creative and entertaining with many visuals to help every student understand the concept. The morning is where the Start Rite Tennis Grip trainers come into play, especially when practicing volleys, serves, and backhands. Afterwards, drills are performed to stress different parts of previously discussed stroke developement and tennis game strategy using the Stop 'n Go Tennis Teaching System. This double exposure aides students in grasping important concepts faster so that their game can tremendously benefit.

Since the mental game of tennis has such a large impact, the Camp Program also stresses competition and how to be a better competitor. During the 2 week session there are 3 major tournaments (one individual and two team events). In addition, Rod and his staff give the students daily talks and demonstrations with characters like Homer from the Simpsons about competitive play. By working on the mental game every day, players can understand and learn how to cope with the pressures of competition. Above all, proper court manners and good sportsmanship are always stressed.



1:30-3:00pm first day of session (Day Campers will depart that afternoon at 8:00pm.)


1:30-3:00pm last day of session

Day & Extended Day Camper Schedule

  • With the exception of Sunday (check-in), Day & Extended Day campers should be dropped off at the tennis courts by 8:00am each morning.  
  • Day camp concludes at 5:00pm each day (except check-out day).
  • Extended Day camp concludes at 9:00pm each day (except check-out day).
  • Day campers should be picked up at the courts.
  • Extended Day campers should be picked up at the residence hall.


Campers play on 10 outdoor courts. In case of rain, indoor courts are available.


Lakeside residence halls provide modern, comfortable rooms accommodating two to a room. Boys and girls are separated by floor. Instructors and camp directors live on the same floors with the campers. Reasonable bed times and rising times are required for all campers.


Our remodeled cafeteria now offers food-court style dining with 5 different restaurant type serving areas. Meals are served 3 times daily overlooking picturesque Lake Michigan. All meals are wholesome and nutritious. The campus Snack Bar, open evenings 'til 10:30, allows campers to grab a snack before bedtime. All meals are taken very seriously, especially breakfast. Breakfast is an essential meal of the day, as it provides the energy and nutrition necessary for optimal performance later in the day while playing and learning tennis. That's why everyone diets are monitored, so that no one skips out on meals.


Tennis is foremost in our schedule but rest times and evening hours are filled with other leisure enjoyments. There are lounges for games of all sorts, pool tables, table tennis, card games, and video games. There is also a camp wide karaoke night and a camp dance at the end of the first week. Everyone becomes closely acquainted with each other, so these activities are full of laughter and fun. In addition our program includes organized softball, basketball, volleyball and soccer games each evening.

Designated Airport

Milwaukee Airport (45 hr from campus) O’Hare (1 hour from campus).  Milwaukee is the easier airport to chose.


Nike Tennis Camps does not provide transportation to/from camp from airport, train stations or bus depots.  If you fly into camp, we recommend that you fly into the Milwaukee or O'Hare Airport and take the airport shuttle from the airport to camp.

Airport Shuttle: Transportation to campus can be arranged through Go Airport Connection at 1-800-236-5450 or fax 414-769-0209. Reservations are required.  MKE approximate cost: $49 one-way, and $5 each additional person. Chicago ORD approximate cost: $142 one way,$150 for 2 people person). There is a 5% discount if you book online.

If you have a camper arriving by air and is deemed an “unaccompanied minor” by the airlines and must be met by a camp staff or shuttle company employee, there may be a fee that needs to be paid in advance of camp. You will still have to arrange transportation to/from camp. Please call 1-800-645-3226 two weeks prior to camp to provide camper’s flight and shuttle information.

Registration Packet

A detailed camper registration packet containing check in location, health/release forms, emergency contact info, and a list of things to bring will be emailed to all registered campers in the Spring. Our health and release forms do not require a doctor's signature and they will be collected on the first day of camp.

Camp Code: TNXRSO

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:00am Breakfast
  • 8:00am Day campers arrive, warm up, stretching
  • 8:30am-10:00am Tennis program: lessons focusing on technique, stroke development of three basic strokes patterns
  • 10:00am Break
  • 10:15am Tennis Program: drills stressing different parts of previously discussed stroke developement and tennis game strategy using the Stop 'n Go Tennis Teaching System.
  • 12:00 noon Lunch, rest, fun activities
  • 1:30pm-4:30pm Tennis program: mental preparation, drills and match play
  • 4:30pm Rest, fun activities
  • 5:00pm Day campers depart
  • 5:30pm Dinner
  • 6:30pm-8:00pm Fun social/leisure activities
  • 8:00pm Extended Day campers depart
  • 9:30pm Lights out

Camper Reviews

  • 5/5.

My son enjoyed the camp so much last year, he had to do it again. This time he brought a friend! They were both so happy to be part of the group, and talked a lot about the great staff who helped them and the instruction they received. Next year is for sure!

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  • 5/5.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was her first "away" camp and she loved it!

  • 3/5.

Enjoyed that the staff focused on "bigger picture," and covered technique instead of just hitting balls.

  • 4/5.

It was a really great experience and enhanced my tennis skills immensely

  • 4/5.

Rod is great - very friendly and the camp is awesome!

  • 5/5.

We can"t begin to tell you how much our kids loved the camp!! Their skill level was dramatically increased...which is the main reason for attending this camp. The kids are safe but yet they have fun activities for them to attend. Rod is strict but makes it all so much fun. We will be back next year for long as Rod is still in charge!

  • 4/5.

Great camp, great facilities, great staff. Fantastic experience for my son. This year was his second year and he can't wait for next year to go back

  • 5/5.

Best two weeks of the whole year! Rod really takes care of all of the kids and makes it so much fun. I can't wait to go back next year!

  • 5/5.

Our daughters, Paige and Maggie, absolutely LOVE Rod. It is so hard for them to say goodbye to him each year. His passion for tennis and life is contagious and they are so inspired by his wisdom.

  • 4/5.
Positive Attitude

Rod is great with the kids! In addition to terrific technical instruction, he always has a positive attitude. He stresses good sportsmanship and teamwork. Facility is also great with beautiful courts and campus on the lake. Will definitely attend next year again.

  • 3/5.
Skill Development

Fun all around camp. Great development of my volley skills. Thank you!

  • 5/5.
Veteran Approves

Tristan has attended this camp for years, and enjoys it enormously. Rod is a wonderful tennis pro, with great advice about all aspects of the sport, but especially the mental game. Tristan has recommended this camp to many of her friends.

  • 4/5.
Great Time

I had a great time at the Rod Schroder National Tennis Camp and it was fun on and off the court. I would highly recommend this camp to other who enjoy tennis.

  • 5/5.
Had a Blast!

My son had a BLAST! He will be back next year and he wants to come for 2 weeks! Thank you!

  • 5/5.

Rod Schroeder is amazing. He is truly a legend. Much appreciation for the program he is running.

  • 5/5.
Great Staff!

This was a wonderful camp!! My son will be returning next summer for 2 weeks instead of just one! Rod Schroeder and his staff are GREAT!

Camp Dates & Prices

2017 Dates and Prices Coming Soon! Join our email list to be notified when the program is available.

For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-NIKE-CAMP we would be happy to help you.