The Swimming Triangle

Letter from Nick Baker

Developing a holistic approach that conditions the entire swimmer has been my passion from day one, and "The Swimming Triangle" represents my passion brought to life. My hope is to inspire coaches to follow my lead. As a result, a greater number of swimmers will be rewarded for their efforts, and experience success on a far greater level.The amount of swimming information available today on the web, video, and print is overwhelming. "The Swimming Triangle" channels a good deal of this information into a ready-made approach.

Over the years, I've developed a small network of like-minded coaches who also believe in a holistic approach. Hopefully, you, the reader, will recognize its value and become one of us.  

~ Nick Baker
Founder, Peak Performance Swim Camp


About The Swimming Triangle

The Swimming Triangle: A Holistic Approach to Competitive Swimming, is a unique, innovative, and essential guide to achieving superior mental, technical, and physical fitness in one of the world's greatest sports. Whether you're a coach or a swimmer, former Olympic coach Nick Baker's wholly integrated approach can help you maximize your true potential. In this book Coach Baker offers proven, results-oriented methods for gaining—and keeping—a competitive edge, including:

  • 75 winning mental concepts to use in training and competition
  • 75 elite-level technical concepts
  • A complete breakdown of all starts, strokes, turns, and finishes
  • More than 100 stroke errors to avoid
  • 100 progressive stroke drills
  • 30 sample practices for novice-, junior-, and senior-level swimmers
  • Intensive dry-land training circuits
  • More than 100 strength and flexibility exercises