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Hitting Tip #3 from Defiance College – Developing YOUR Routine in the Dugout and On-Deck Circle

Successful at-bats begin in the dugout. Every player should take advantage of every opportunity to have a great at-bat starting with developing a mental and physical approach. Hitters can learn a lot about a pitcher prior to arriving at the plate. Watch for her tendencies. Does she throw a first pitch for a strike? When does she use her off-speed pitch? What does her release point and wind-up look like? Every bit of information you can gather prior to stepping in the box, can set you up to take advantage of any of your opponent’s weaknesses.  The on-deck circle is a great opportunity to analyze your situation when you come to the plate. Will I need to get a bunt down? Do I need to hit a ball to the outfield or right side to score the runner at 3rd? These questions can help keep the game simple with a positive approach rather than worrying about the outcome of getting a hit. Finally and most importantly, the on-deck circle is a great place to RELAX. Create a routine that is consistent with each time you get in the circle. Take deep breaths. Control your heart rate and keep things in perspective. Remember, work for positive, quality at-bats and hit the ball hard. Everything else will fall into place. Focus on the process!

Happy Hitting!

 ~ Jodie Holava

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