Practice Your Overhead!

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Practice Your Overhead!

Presented by: Ben Cabell, Nike Tennis Camp Director and Head Women's Tennis Coach at Santa Clara University

The overhead is one of the most important and least practiced shots in the game today.  Too many players get to the net and are "afraid" of getting lobbed because they aren’t confident in the overhead.  I hear this phrase all the time: "I don't want to come into the net because my opponent will just lob me."   My simple response, "Well, then hit an overhead and win the point!"   

One of the biggest obstacles I see is court positioning.  Many players come in and take a bad position at the net to prevent them from being lobbed or to get a head start going backwards.   This in turn means they end up hitting their volley from a defensive position on the court (and in turn, are even less likely to come forward next time).   My solution is simple.   A strong, consistent overhead will not only help you win the point if you get lobbed, but will give you the confidence to take an aggressive position at the net. 

Next time you are out on the court, practice some overheads with your coach or teammate and start taking over that aggressive net position!

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