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Ultimate Tip: Overhead Throws

In high school ultimate, and even at some levels of college play, windy conditions can serve to be disastrous for teams. Once the winds hit 20mph+, game play changes dramatically and the opposing team usually puts on a zone or some sort of “poachy set”. No matter how hard you may have worked at practice, if you haven’t had experience playing in strong wind, you are going to struggle.

One key recommendation that I would make for high school teams is to dedicate one or two throwers on your team to become specialists in overhead throws. This includes both hammers and scoobers. The easiest way to break a zone in wind is by throwing it right over the cup to a teammate who is uncovered. You don’t need everyone on your team to be able to do it, but having one or two individuals with the capability will give your team the significant upper hand when mother-nature decides to let loose on tournament day. Make sure to practice these overhead throws in wind, as windy conditions is when you will be using them the most!

Ben Feldman is one of the co-founders of Next Level Ultimate. He completed his fifth and final season as a member of the Wisconsin Hodags in May of 2011, ending with a Central Regional title and a 2nd place finish at College Nationals. Feldman bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, having coached and ran ultimate camps for the past several years.

This summer, Ben and his co-director (an co-founder of Next Level Ultimate), Andrew Grone, will host two separate week-long junior ultimate camps at the University of Oregon and the University of Minnesota. Next Level Ultimate camps offer an overnight and extended day option and are intended for high school players from the ages of 14-18. For more information, visit .

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