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February 08, 2022

US Sports Camps Adds STEM Camps with Focus on Academic Enrichment

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The leader in youth sports camps brings 47 years of creating fun, camaraderie, and mentorship to the academic and STEM arena.

Each year, US Sports Camps (USSC) provides an engaging athletic camp experience to tens of thousands of children and teens across the country. From baseball and football, to running and swimming, USSC offers a wide range of sports that allow youth to elevate their skills, engage with a passionate community, and develop meaningful relationships.

Now USSC is bringing their vast experience to kids ages 6-17 years who enjoy developing skills in a different arena: the worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). In partnership with one of the country’s leaders in STEM education, STEM Center USA, USSC proudly presents USSC STEM Camps: summer academic programs that combine fun with scientific learning. With courses involving robotics, engineering, coding, Minecraft, and even Roblox, the camps offer a rich and memorable learning experience for young STEM-enthusiasts.

In expanding our summer camp portfolio, USSC is helping prepare and encourage the next generation of STEM leaders. Here’s how:

1. Expanding the joy of summer programs to the tech-savvy generation

USSC STEM Camps puts campers in a collaborative, supportive, and challenging environment with kids and instructors who share their interests. The all- and half-day programs immerse kids in science and also provide a healthy dose of being outdoors and active. Like the sports camps, the STEM camps’ programs address campers’ specific areas of interest. Young STEM enthusiasts get their own educational sandbox to explore their scientific potential and grow confidence in their tech skills—all while interacting with other students and connecting with supportive mentors. For example, for those who are fascinated by the intricacies of robotics and game design, USSC STEM Camp features multiple classes that encourage students to design original, web and computer-based games or breathe life into their very own robots.

2. Creating a strong STEM community for campers

When young STEM learners are left to explore their interests alone, they miss the special opportunity to learn from others and further improve their skill set. USSC STEM Camps ensure that students make meaningful, long-lasting connections with their peers while receiving direct, individualized support from instructors.

Whether they build themed robots, develop new virtual realities, or design their own video games, students learn how to put their minds together to plan and execute exciting solutions. One of the most rewarding and long-lasting aspects of summer camps is community—and USSC STEM Camps creates one where students can freely indulge in their interests while expanding pivotal socialization skills.

Additionally, with the mission-driven educational leaders from STEM Center USA, students will engage in a rigorous, enriching curriculum that guides them through each step of an engineering or development process—and provides direct, hands-on projects for the best learning experience.

3. Equipping youth for successful STEM careers

USSC STEM Camps believes in preparing students for careers that do not yet exist. Twenty years ago, no one could have imagined that the rise of social media and tech would require such a rich diversity of skill sets. Now, with advanced technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, we are using our vast youth summer experience to develop our future engineers, developers, designers, and more.

“We’ve had decades to figure out what ‘21st Century Skills’ means,” explains Charlie Freund, Partnership Director for Youth Enrichment Brands at USSC, “and it actually has more to do with how we play, communicate, and strategize than with the memorization and calculation of our educational systems. With USSC STEM camps, we’re bringing this knowledge to encourage the next generation of tech leaders.”

USSC STEM Camps not only teach essential, foundational knowledge, but also challenge students to improve their communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. These all contribute to a healthy growth mindset that allows them to work through their challenges and identify modern-day solutions with self-confidence—and ultimately excel in future STEM careers where their skills and experiences will prove to be invaluable.

“USSC and STEM Center USA partner together to help students fall deeper in love with STEM and enjoy their learning process,” says Lavanya Jawaharlal, one of the founders of STEM Center USA. “By nurturing their social-emotional skills and encouraging them to pursue their academic curiosities, we actively invest in the bright, ambitious STEM leaders of tomorrow.”

Registration for the 2022 Season is Now Open

Registration for 2022 USSC STEM Camps is open now, with three camps in California and one in Florida. Throughout 2023, more camps on the west and east coast will be added, expanding our network of prestigious universities.

Interested campers and their parents can visit the website for more information and enrollment.

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