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February 08, 2022

How STEM Provides Rich Development for Young Learners

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The STEM field is gaining more and more steam – both as a passion for young minds and as a fulfilling career path. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), all STEM occupations are projected to grow by 10.5% from 2020 to 2030, with the medium annual wage starting at $89,780. While it may be a little early for some youngsters to think what they want their exact lifelong professional pursuit to be, it’s never too early to foster their interest in the rich fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

With the official launch of USSC STEM Camps in 2022, campers have the unique opportunity to build their academic foundation in STEM. Powered by STEM Center USA, USSC STEM Camps offer all- or half-day programs with a healthy balance of fun and academics. Our curriculum in robotics, engineering, and coding equips students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in their learning journey. Our talented instructors work alongside students to provide them with helpful individualized support and deeper insight into their respective fields.

By joining a supportive educational community and engaging in experiential, hands-on learning, students will be able to develop a strong STEM background that takes them above and beyond. Here are two simple ways how USSC STEM Camps provide an enriching learning experience:

1. Building a strong academic foundation

There’s no denying that STEM is an integral part of our society, as we increasingly depend on technology and science to develop long-lasting solutions to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. However, many US school curriculums are not adapting as fast to these concerns as the world needs. According to a recent study, only about 26% of elementary schools and 38% of middle schools offer computer science classes. The numbers are slightly higher in high school, at roughly 47%. This is still less than half across K-12 education, when research suggests that students with higher STEM career knowledge are more likely to pursue STEM-related careers.

For so many, STEM education is the golden ticket to a brighter, more advanced future —and it’s vital that students have access to the tools and resources that can help them build a strong foundation. The goal of our STEM Camps is to support lifelong learners who want to explore the STEM fields with curiosity and eagerness. We provide a well-rounded, challenging curriculum and direct experiences for students to learn through action rather than mere observation. By prioritizing kinesthetic and experiential learning, which involves more hands-on activities and experiments, we help students build their skills in a more meaningful way.

Whether learners dream of going into information technology, engineering, robotics, or software and game development, we believe that supporting them at an early age equips them for success. STEM is often perceived as a difficult field with complex concepts, but it is a world brimming with excitement, discovery, and opportunity—and we commit to providing opportunities so students can confidently thrive as our next generation of STEM leaders.

2. Demonstrating a bright future for STEM careers

As time passes, more jobs become heavily reliant on STEM. We live in an era where exciting technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet of things are integrated into our daily lives. There are occupations that have yet to be made, but will someday come to be as our society continues to advance—and STEM education prepares students for these future opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that STEM occupations are projected to grow over two times faster than the total for other occupations in the next decade. However, there will likely be more jobs than people, and the need for employees will be high. The 2020 Future of Jobs report also shows that nearly all ten emerging job roles are STEM related, with data analysts, AI and machine learning specialists, and big data specialists being just a few included on the list.

“STEM education is the future,” says Melissa Jawaharlal, co-founder of STEM Center USA. “and if we want to provide an effective roadmap, we must create safe, academic spaces for students to freely indulge in their love and passion for technology.”

STEM pushes children and teens to be more innovative, often encouraging them to identify and develop solutions by thinking outside of the box. USSC STEM Camps actively encourage young learners to access their creativity for that very reason. Whether they want to develop their own video game or build robots for space exploration, we make it our mission to lay the foundation for a future where the sky's the limit.

Registration for USSC STEM Camp 2022 is open

USSC STEM Camp registration for 2022 is now officially open with three camps based in California hosted at UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Barbara, and one in Florida at IMG Academy. Prospective campers ages 6 to 17 and curious parents can visit the website for further information on how our programs help nurture a creative, fun spirit in STEM lovers.

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