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How to Grip a Bat by Vinny Carlesi

How to Grip a Bat

by Vinny Carlesi, Head Baseball Manager at Stuyvesant High School 

"Gripping the Bat - When gripping the bat make sure the bat lays in your fingers and not your palm.  An easy way to make sure you are holding the bat correctly is to see if your knocking knuckles are lined up.  If they are not, or if the knocking knuckles on one hand are lined up with the top knuckles on your opposite hand then you are choking the bat.

When you hit you want to be flexible and you must be able to make fast, quick movements.  When you choke the bat you become stiff and inflexible which will drastically affect your swing.  Holding the bat in the palm of your hand will also prevent you from rolling your wrist over once you make contact with the ball."

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