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The ABC’s for getting the most out of March Madness

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March Madness is the perfect inspiration time for those who love basketball. From coaches, to players, to plays, this time of year is a smorgasbord of ideas and inspiration.

Here are the ABC's of getting the most out of March Madness.

Attend: Pay attention to key aspects of the game such as figuring out the zone defense each team is playing or watching the individual attack moves one player uses in a game to beat the defense. Zero in on the smaller details of the game. Keep a notebook nearby and study the key players on the court.

Burn: Burn the images of a player's moves, defense and mechanics into your memory. This image will be your blueprint to model. Imitate players who have fundamentally sound skills that can translate to any body size.

Copy: The key to being able to imitate the players you watch requires that you copy as quickly as possible the images you have burned into your memory. Start with small replications and build on the skills.
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