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4 Tips to Improve Your Field Hockey Goal Scoring

4 Ways To Improve Goal Scoring

One of the best feelings in field hockey is scoring a goal, whether you’re in the middle of a game or honing your skills at summer field hockey camp, however sometimes it does not happen as frequently as you would like. To help increase your chances of scoring more goals, use these four tips recommended by Nike Field Hockey Camps.

1. Composure

It is important to have solid focus during the game. Players might panic or worry about missing the goal, so it is important to keep a calm mind and focus on getting the ball on target. It is helpful to think about staying low to the ground and watching the ball on your stick. Having the ability to also read the situation will help players keep composure when moving towards the goal.

2. Use Deception

Being unpredictable will help create space between the player moving towards the goal, and those defending. Perfect opportunities to score do not happen frequently, so it is important to try and create space to allow for more time to shoot. Some examples are using shoulder movements or body feints to get the opponent off balance or change their momentum. When shooting, players can also use these movements to psych the goalie out.

3. Develop a range of shooting skills

Having well developed shooting skills is important when it comes to scoring goals. To work on the long-range shots, either hit or tomahawk the ball. For short range shots close to the goal, a hard push or flick can do the trick. Practice shooting goals from various angles and distances using the different shooting skills.

4. Video Analysis

Video taping your game and watching them can help players notice things they wouldn’t during live game play. Video analysis will help you improve visual awareness and show a player where to move to get into better positions and angles for shooting.

Use this guide to help improve your shooting and score a game winning goal.

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