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Become a better soccer defender with these tips

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Scoring goals in soccer is the glamorous aspect to the game. But any veteran player will tell you that the major key to the game is a strong defense. Here are some tips that you can use to help you become a better defender:

Get to your man fast: 

If you approach the man with the ball quickly and with aggression you force him to decide under pressure. With less time to look up field, players make rash decisions that often lead to mistakes.

Take the angle: 

By taking the angle you force the man with the ball to go the direction you want. You can lead him into another group of teammates where all you can work to make the steal. Or you take the angle and lead him to the sidelines and limit the space the offensive player must work with.

Slide tackle:

When you make a tackle to steal, it is like passing to a teammate while on offense.  Don’t use your toe to poke at the ball. Get low and try to tackle when the attacker is off-balance. If you tackle carelessly you will get beat.

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