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How to get in “The ZONE”

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How to get in “The ZONE”

Being in “The Zone” is known to be when you are at the peak of your ability. The zone gives you confidence and it heightens your attention. You are locked in and absorbed in what they are doing. You feel like you can do anything. So how to get to this state of mind.

This is an activity that you can do before you warm up for your game

Tips for Getting into The ZONE:

Develop a pre-game routine that you do before every game such as:

  1. Listen to some of your favorite music that puts you in a good mood or pumps you up
  2. Close your eyes and start to visualize your self-playing at your best
  3. Set small goals to achieve during the game
  • Being more enthusiastic and motivated   
  • Have more confidence
  • Making better decisions
  • Play as a team

4.Now set one large goal for the game

  • Assist a GOAL
  • Score a GOAL
  • Having Fun

5. Continue to listen to music as you slowly open your eyes and return to the room. 

Welcome to The ZONE!

Now just go play the game you love and remember to have fun and everything else will follow!

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