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The Power of Resilience

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5 Ways to Test Your Resiliency

Volleyball is a sport that demands resiliency. The game can spiral downward quickly because of a team or player's inability to mentally bounce back after mistakes. If you love the game of volleyball, discipline yourself to improve your mindset and develop the habit of greater resilience. Here are 5 areas to test your resiliency and uncover ways to improve.

PMA (positive mental attitude) According to The Resiliency Advantage by Dr. Al Siebert, those with high resiliency expect to bounce back when they encounter difficulty. They are completely confident in their ability to rebound from hardship.  This confidence begins with their attitude. They speak with confidence and they disregard thoughts which question or doubt.  How about you?
Rate your PMA. (1 is poor, 5 is awesome) _____

See the good.  Another advantage people with high resiliency have according to researchers is the ability to create good luck out of circumstances other may see as bad luck.  They are masters of the silver lining. They don’t pretend something is good when it is bad, instead they are able to make something good out of something bad.
Rate your ability to take a tough situation and make the best of it. _____

Gratitude in difficulty.  Resiliency and gratitude are tied hand in hand. The greater your gratitude the higher your resiliency.  Rate your gratitude during difficulty. _____

Best medicine.  Joyous laughter has incredible health benefits.  Resilient people laugh often and are able to laugh at themselves. They don't have to be perfect but they find joy in life. They don't laugh at another's expense. Their laughter is authentic and brings greater connection to others. Rate how much you laugh hard each day. (1 is never, 5 is often) ______

Meaning and purpose. Everything in life comes down to your meaning and purpose -- your why.  If someone is struggling with school, motivation, or feeling defeated, it is because their purpose has been thwarted or isn't strong enough.  Your purpose should be internally motivated rather than externally motivated.  Resilient people have a strong purpose and a reason to bounce back.  Rate the strength of your life purpose. ______


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