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Running can help increase leg strength and vertical leap but it's important to do the right type of running so that your body is perfectly trained for volleyball performance. Our muscles are made up of three types of muscle fibers:

Type I (Slow Twitch)
Low force, power, and speed production
High endurance
Great for endurance athletes such as distance runners
Type IIA (Hybrid)
Best of both worlds
Type IIB (Fast Twitch)
High force, power, and speed production
Low endurance
Great for very quick, explosive movements

Everyone's muscles are made up of these three fibers and how you train develops a certain type of fiber more than the others. For volleyball you want to develop the Type IIA and Type IIB fibers as much as you can. This will make you a quick and explosive jumper as well as give you the endurance you will need to get through long rallies or a long match.

The types of running that a volleyball player should focus on are short sprints that focus on quick leg turnover, this will train the Type IIB muscle fibers, build leg strength and translate really well to vertical jump.

In order to train the Type IIA muscle fibers keep your running distance under one mile. Another great workout would be to do 400m or 800m repeats where you would run the chosen distance then walk 400m. Repeat that two or three times.


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