NBC Basketball Camp at Whitworth University

NBC Basketball Camp at Whitworth University
NBC Basketball Camp at Whitworth University

NBC Basketball Camps at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington is the home of one of our top basketball camps. We have several programs to choose from. Join us for some hard work and lots of fun.

NBC Camps offers 8 different types of basketball camps this summer and we have the coaches and tools to help take your game to the next level. NBC Camps at Whitworth University has been a leader in providing the best sports instruction along with valuable life lessons for 20 years. With the best basketball camp experience you will find in basketball mecca, Spokane, Washington, NBC Camps gives you the tools to improve your skill level, leadership, confidence and take your game higher. 

Highlights Include

  • Personalized basketball evaluation, 6-12 hours of skill work, games, instruction and teaching per day
  • Outstanding staff and coaches that will get to know you and help you improve
  • In-depth skill training that will make you a better player
  • Learn critical life skills teaching points that challenge you to be your best on and off the court
  • Great competition and basketball training in an intensive and amazing learning environment
  • An atmosphere of encouragement, skill mastery, intensity, great fun, enthusiasm, Christian values and leadership training on and off the court
  • NBC Camps reputation as the best basketball camp in the world
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Dates & Prices

Meet Camp Coaches

John Fazio
Camp Director

John Fazio

John has been involved with NBC Camps since 1995 and a full-time employee and camp director since 2000.  John runs a basketball training program in Spokane called Varsity Academy. He has several years of experience conducting individual training and coaching AAU/YMCA/Youth basketball. 

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Prior to joining NBC Camps, John worked as a television sports anchor/reporter in the tri-cities.  He is married, has three children, and lives in Spokane, Washington.

More Directors & Coaches
Danny Beard
Camp Director

Danny Beard

Danny, Senior Vice President of NBC Camps directs the Team Camp and Positions Camp at Whitworth University.

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Danny was Southern Illinois Athlete of the year, Kansas State standout, clinician for the Uganda African Olympic Team, and coach of the NBC Thunder Team.


NBC Basketball Coaching Staff

We select outstanding people we believe are of high integrity and character, work ethic and willingness to pour their lives into helping athletes be their best. We work hard to hire...

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We select outstanding people we believe are of high integrity and character, work ethic and willingness to pour their lives into helping athletes be their best. We work hard to hire college players and coaches, along with high school coaches who are dynamic and competent teachers of the game.

The NBC Difference
Unlike other camp programs where skills training falls under the expertise of the camp director, NBC Camps has built a program of training to help each camper walk out of camp a better player and person.  Our site directors work as event managers helping to run a great week of camp and facilitating the implementation of our specific camp expectations.   Our basketball instruction is based on skill curriculum and talent development we believe are essential to take your game to the next level.   Though coaching styles and drills may change, our master teachers receive DVDs, lesson plans, and detailed training on how to maximize this week of camp.  Coaching at camp is much different than coaching a team.  With over 40 years experience, our goal is to give you the best basketball and life skills instruction possible.


Coach the game at a world-class level.  FAB 4
• Protect the ball
• Play with quickness and intensity
• Play Smart
• Finish the play


Teach by living valuable skills for life.   LIFE 4
• Guard your heart
• Live with love & intensity
• Be smart by seeking out wisdom
• Finish strong, never give up

TEC Method
The ability to know, understand and apply is the heart of NBC’s Teach, Encourage, Correct method.  True teaching takes place when the student knows how to reproduce the skill and self-correct the skill when it is wrong.

Camp Details

NBC Basketball Camps at Whitworth University is one of the most popular basketball camps in the country due to the many different options we have for campers of all skill levels and ages! To find out more information about NBC Basketball Camps at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington for the summer of 2016 including what to bring, check-in times, and more details, please click below.

More Important Camp Details



Camps are listed by camp types, not by date.  For more information on each of our camp programs at Whitworth University, please choose the program type below that best suits you and click "More Camp Details."

Complete Skills Basketball Day Camp More Camp Details
Dates: Session 1 runs June 20-23 & Session 2 runs August 8-11
Daily Times: 9am-5pm. Campers will need to bring a sack lunch and their own basketball each day of camp.
Age Group: Boys and Girls 9-16 years old.

Complete Player Basketball Camp -- Overnight - More Camp Details 
Dates: Session 1 runs June 27-30 & Session 2 runs July 18-22
Daily Times: Overnight or Extended Day from 8:30am-9:30pm
Age Group: Session 1 Boys and Girls 9–16 years old & Session 2 Boys and Girls  9-18 years old

Crowell University -- Guard & Forward/Center Mastery Camp More Camp Details 
Dates: June 27–30 
Daily Times: Overnight or Extended Day from 8:30am-9:30pm
Age Group: Boys and Girls 13–18 years old

Advanced High School Skills Girls Basketball Camp - More Camp Details 
Dates: July 11-15 
Daily Times: Overnight 
Age Group: Girls High School  

High School Basketball Girls Team Camp - More Camp Details 
Dates: July 11-15
Daily Times: Overnight
Age Group: Girls High School  

Complete Player Junior Basketball Camp More Camp Details 
Dates: Session 1 (4 days) runs July 18-21 & Session 2 (Weekend) runs July 29-31 
Daily Times: Session 1: Overnight, Extended Day 9am-8pm, Day 9am-5pm  Session 2: Overnight, Extended Day 9am-8pm
Age Group: Boys and Girls 8-12 years old 

Boys All-Star and Elite Player Basketball Camp  - More Camp Details 
Dates: July 25–29
Daily Times: Overnight 
Age Group: Boys 13-19 years old  
Girls All-Star and Elite Player is hosted at Auburn Academy 

Position Training Training Weekend Camp - More Camp Details
Dates: July 30-31
Daily Times: Overnight or Day 9am-5pm (lunch included)
Age Group: Boys 13-18 years old

College Prep Basketball Camp (CIC) - More Camp Details 
Dates: August 1-7
Daily times: Overnight only 
Age Group: Boys Age 14-20 years old
Girls College Prep Camp  is hosted at Skagit Valley College 

14 Day Ultimate Basketball Camp  - More Camp Details
Dates: July 25-August 7
Daily Times: Overnight only
Age Group: Boys 14-20 years old
Girls 14 day Ultimate Basketball Camp is hosted at Auburn Academy and Skagit Valley College

Pure Shooting & Offensive Skills Basketball Day Camp - More Camp Details 
Dates: August 1-4
Daily Times: 9am-5pm 
Age Group: Boys and Girls 10-18 years old



Whitworth University's 200-acre campus of red brick buildings and tall pines offers a beautiful, inviting and secure environment. Campers will be staying in the university dorms. Each room has 2 beds available with nearby private shower facilities. These rooms are not air-conditioned and we suggest you bring a fan. The quality cafeteria facility provides an all-you-can-eat salad bar with fresh fruit, hot entrees with beverage, sandwich and cereal stations. Campers alternate being bussed to nearby local gyms to provide maximum competition. Whitworth is located seven miles north of downtown Spokane, Washington.


Roommates for this site need to be requested before camp begins. If you have no preference we will match you with a camper of the same gender and similar age. Contact nbc@nbccamps.com if you need to add a roommate request to an existing registration.


Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:00 am Wake Up
  • 7:30 am Breakfast
  • 8:00 am Ball Handling
  • 9:00 am AM Session: full court transition, post and guard stations, shooting stations, 5 man motion offense, inbound plays/games and tournaments
  • 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 1:30 pm PM Session: offensive attack moves, defensive positioning, court awareness/ 3v3 and 5v5 games
  • 5:00pm Dinner
  • 6:30 pm Evening Program and Leadership Groups
  • 8:00 pm Night Basketball Event
  • 10:00 pm Lights Out

Camper Reviews


  • 5/5.
Absolutely loves NBC

I would highly recommend NBC Camp at Whitworth University to anyone who is looking to really improve their game. The coaches are amazing and my son always leaves this camp so happy and feeling more confident in his basketball abilities. He tells me that NBC is the only basketball camp he absolutely loves and looks forward to. And we've tried a few. Thanks, NBC Camps!

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Sarah V.Parent COmplete Player

  • 5/5.
Impressed With NBC Camps!

We are very impressed with NBC Camps-very organized, excellent instruction, focus on the character of the player, lodging, and good food. Whitworth was great!

Tyson H.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Personal Development!

I loved the way NBC Camps adds in personal development and character building to a great basketball camp. That is huge!

Ariel S.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Enjoyed Time!

Overall, my kiddo enjoyed her time at camp. She came back more pumped about basketball and practicing her skills daily. She connected with her teammates and absolutely loved the college/dorm life experience. She is excited about going to college in the future.

Cadn B.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Loved Off Court Discussion!

I loved the off-court discussion that took place with the kids! The Testimonies and stories are something that kids don't get enough of!

Megan D.Parent All-Star

  • 5/5.
Loved Camp!

I totally believe in NBC Camps and the philosophy behind the teachings.

Alyssa F.Parent Complete player

  • 5/5.
Love The Energy!

I love, love the messages and energy at camp. I love that my child is comfortable talking about God and the inspirations the coaches gave her while at camp. The stories touched her heart! She also learned new skills to practice to improve in the games she loves too!

Kevin W.Camper Pure Shooting

  • 5/5.
I loved it!

Great Coaching And Drills.

Jennifer S.Parent Pure Shooting

  • 5/5.
Focous on Important Things!

My husband and I love NBC Camps. We both went to NBC Camps ourselves. I love the characteristics and teachings. I believe athletics build so many important characteristics and NBC Camps really focuses on these important things. NBC Camps continues to focus on the things that really benefit all athletes.

Heidi D.Parent Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Really Nice!

From the parent perspective, camp was well organized, positive, skillfully beneficial, and a great first overnight camp experience for my son. The staff seemed really nice and knowledgeable and were helpful. My son will be attending again.

Kammy C.Parent Pure Shooting

  • 5/5.

I appreciated the commitment each coach had to help each camper!

Kerri E.Camper Complete Player

  • 5/5.
Positive Reinforcment!

It was fun to play basketball. Encouraged me to be a solid person, in the game and out.

Kimberly G.Parent Team Camp

  • 4/5.
NBC Camps Was Terrific!

NBC Camps did a terrific job of showing my young athlete how she can incorporate her spiritual life into everyday academic and sports activities. Thank you!

Hailey M.Parent Complete Player

  • 4/5.
Better Person!

I liked that we talked about being a better person on the court and off!

Tristen H.Parent All-Star

  • 4/5.
Positive and Encouraging!

Everyone was very positive and encouraging. The environment felt very healthy!


  • 5/5.
Best camp

NBC Camps, unlike other basketball camps I have been to, focused not only on basketball but also on leadership skills and what it takes to be successful.


  • 5/5.
Life changing

Jamie has been attending NBC Camps for 3-4 years now; clinics, Varsity Academy, summer camps and hopes to be a Junior Counselor one year. It is not summer vacation anymore without attending NBC Camps. It is one summer event she looks forward to every year. She always walks away with more positive basketball fundamentals and life skills. If this is your first time sending your child, you will not be disappointed. My 10 year old attended by herself as an overnight camper and became lonesome, the staff was very helpful in assuring she was comfortable and accommodated her request to have a roommate(s) and assured me as a parent she was taken care of. ALL NBC staff seem to have the same enthusiasm as the first day of camp to the very last day at closing. I strongly believe NBC Camps are life changing transformations for all kids who attend. Looking forward to my daughters attending in the future. Thank you.

Angie L.Parent Jr. Camp

  • 4/5.
I Liked Camp!

They knew my child as soon as he walked in from previous camps. Seemed like my son had probably the best year at camp!

Sofie T.Parent Complete Player

  • 4/5.
Encouraged Students!

I liked that NBC Camps encourages students to be good examples and individuals as well a good basketball players!


  • 5/5.
Awesome coaches

This is a great place to learn how to be a better person and a better basketball player. The coaches are always positive and lifting you up and they really care about you. 


  • 5/5.

I really like that NBC Camps incorporates life lessons and skills as well as basketball skills. To improve your physical skills in a sport, you often need to improve your attitude and thought process first. NBC Camps do a great job teaching that concept! 


  • 5/5.
Great camp

I had a great time and learned stuff to elevate my game. The staff was great at helping me improve with every little detail.


  • 5/5.
Fantastic experience

I thought the entire experience was fantastic! I loved being able to play all day then doing other activities after camp rather than just go back to our rooms. Camp not only showed me the skills to be a better player but gave me the mindset to be the best I can be.


  • 5/5.
Outstanding coaches

It was a lot of fun. The coaches were outstanding and had very good coaching ability which helped me personally. Really good food. Thank you.

Haley M.Camper

  • 5/5.
One of the best weeks of summer!

I love NBC camp! It is one of the best weeks of the summer! I always feel inspired and motivated after attending camp. I LOVE the coaches and staff! Can't get enough! 


  • 4/5.
Growing as a player and as a person

I attended NBC camps as a student athlete and am excited to see my daughter now attend NBC camps. She had every bit as much fun as I did. Listening to her talk about her growth as a player and a person was very satisfying. See you next year!

Shelbie R.Parent

  • 5/5.
Best camp in the region

NBC camps are a vast improvement over other camps in the area. They work on the whole player, not just basketball. My daughter came away more knowledgeable about basketball as well as knowing a positive attitude makes a difference. 

Cindy S.Parent

  • 5/5.
Thoroughly Impressed

We were thoroughly impressed with the staff, facilities, and overall experience of our son at NBC Camp on the Whitworth University Campus. We saw him grow in his confidence as well as mature even more into a young man of integrity and faith.

Ali Camper

  • 5/5.
So worth it!

NBC Camps teaches you how to be an all-around great basketball player and an outstanding person. They teach you about encouragement, life skills, and importance in yourself, your family, your friends, and much more. The coaches and staff are super! They will help you understand something better if you are having trouble with anything and they are a great influence on the players to be a better person and basketball player. You also play many fun games and do tons of fun activities. NBC camp is so worth it!

Ethan Camper

  • 5/5.
Whole lot more

NBC camp was a week of high energy, fun activities, goal setting and personal development. I only thought it was a basketball camp, but I came away with a whole lot more. I'm now more goal oriented and focused on the things I want to achieve as basketball player and as a person.


  • 5/5.

I would recommend this camp to everyone!! This has helped my daughter with many of her basketball skills and her life skills. She came home with new ideas and a wonderful confidence about herself!

Caroline Parent

  • 5/5.
Summer highlight

My daughter has attended NBC Camps for the last 3 summers and it has helped her improve dramatically each year! She has been motivated to push herself outside her comfort zone and challenge herself beyond what she thought was possible in her intensity and focus! She has become a fearless competitor because of the excellent instruction in fundamentals, self-discipline, and goal-making, as well as the encouragement in her spiritual walk. She has also met many new friends that she continues to stay in contact with. NBC Camp has become the highlight of her summer and she can't wait to go back each year!

Kate N.Camper

  • 5/5.
Thank you

NBC Camp was probably one of the best camps I have ever been to. They taught life skills along with basketball and team work. The coaches and staff were all really nice and ready to help. I would encourage all to try for the Golden Ruler because it really challenges you. I did it and it was hard, but I am so glad I did it. Thank you!

Rich R.Parent

  • 5/5.
Better players and people

NBC Camp is more than a basketball camp! I have brought three kids the past two years and I have seen growth from them as people as well as basketball players.


  • 5/5.
Won't be disappointed

My daughter has gone to NBC camps for 3 summers and it has been an awesome experience. We see the vast improvement each time basketball season comes around. If you are thinking about sending you child, DO IT! You won't be disappointed.

Camp Dates & Prices

2017 Dates and Prices Coming Soon! Join our email list to be notified when the program is available.

For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-NIKE-CAMP we would be happy to help you.