Snow Valley Basketball Schools Westmont College

Snow Valley Basketball Schools Westmont College
Snow Valley Basketball Schools Westmont College

The tradition continues at the Snow Valley Basketball Schools! These programs are a great place for any young basketball player who is looking to improve his/her skills, work hard, make new friends and have fun!

Since 1961, the Snow Valley Basketball Schools have been instructing kids on the fundamentals of basketball. As the longest running basketball school of its kind, you'll receive more instruction in the fundamentals and more chances to improve your skills than anywhere else in the world. This rigorous daily format includes fundamental instruction, clinics and team games that will leave each camper with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

  • Take Your Game to the Next Level
  • Gain Self-confidence through Basketball Success
  • Create Lasting Friendships
  • Rigorous Program
  • Work Hard and Have Fun

The Snow Valley Basketball Schools are a great camp for all ages. If you are a high school basketball player, the Snow Valley Basketball Schools provides an incredible opportunity to improve your game, and if you are a younger player, it will be sure to help you develop the basic skills to help you make your team.

Highlights Include

  • Daily Instruction, lectures, and demonstrations on fundamentals
  • Intense drills aimed at improving each camper's individual skill development and knowledge of the game
  • Report Card and discussion of skills with a personal evaluation
  • An amazing group of experienced high school, college, and professional coaches selected for their ability to teach the game
  • Daily games against players of similar abilities - games until 10:00 at night!

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Meet Camp Coaches


Wayne Carlson

Coach Carlson has been involved with the Snow Valley Basketball School for over 30 years, now serving as Co-Director.  He currently also serves as Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach at El Dorado HS in Placentia, CA.  

More Directors & Coaches

Steve Middleton

Coach Middleton served as a college Assistant Coach for 2 years and High School Boys Varsity Head Basketball Coach for over 15 years, with over 220 wins. He has been on the staff of Snow Valley Basketball School for 22 years. Served as a counselor, coach or clinician at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Basketball Camp, Wooden Basketball Camp, the UCLA Basketball Camp, and ran...

Camp Details

Camp Code: BVXRSV

Mastering the fundamentals of your game...At Snow Valley Basketball Schools, we offer the greatest array of teaching talent anywhere to help you become a better player. Each season we emphasize the following fundamentals:

  • Playing under control
  • Individual Defense - stance, movement, open court vs. dribble
  • Individual Offense - moving without the ball, pass receiving, initial moves with the ball
  • Individual Position - classes each day
  • Shooting Fundamentals - including the jump shot
  • Rebounding Skills - ball side and help side
  • Extended Defense - help and recover, closing out, defend post and flash post
  • Extended Offense - passing, receiving, perimeter, inside play
  • Transition - defensive recovery
  • Open Court Work - guards and forwards
  • Cut Throat - 4 on 4 instruction

Snow Valley Basketball programs feature staff and players whose own high school and college coaches were important in their basketball development, so they know how to help you achieve your basketball goals.  Snow Valley treats each player as an individual...A Personal Player Report Card will be kept on your camper throughout the week, and given to them at the conclusion of camp. This report card will note particular strengths and weaknesses, and offer suggestions for individual improvement once they have left Snow Valley.

Daily game competition against other players of similar age and ability levels will be scheduled. Every participant will play a minimum of one half of every game. In addition to games, a minimum of nineteen clinics concerning individual and team fundamentals will be presented during the week long session. Drills are a big part of each clinic. We design our program to have an eight to one player to coach ratio and guarantee your son or daughter will receive an excellent week of BASKETBALL INVOLVEMENT.  

More Details
Camp Notes and Information:
• Applies for Sunday-Thursday sessions (July 20th, July 27th, and August 3rd)
• Check-in: Sunday; 1pm-3pm - Van Kampen Hall (First meal: Dinner)
• No Lunch on first day - campers should come dressed and ready to play.  After registration, campers will report to gym at 3:30pm.
• Boys Check-out: Thursday; 4pm (Last meal: Lunch)
• Girls Check-out: Thursday; 11am (Last meal: Breakfast)

Weekend Offensive Skills Program Notes and Information:
Focus will be on Passing, Catching, Footwork, Shooting, Dribbling, 3-on-3, 4-on-4, and Cut-Throat.  This program will be invaluable tool in helping you become a better offensive player. Limit 100 campers, boys only and girls only sessions.
Campers from Session I can stay for weekend program; or prior to for Girls Session. There will be an extra night stay over fee of $75 to cover Thursday night; no extra charge for girls sessions. All campers will be supervised.
• Thursday 4pm: Session I closes
• Friday 12pm: Weekend Camp check-in (First meal: Dinner)
• Saturday all day: includes three meals
• Sunday 11am: camp closes (Last meal: Breakfast)   


The Snow Valley Basketball Schools return to our long standing host school at Westmont College for our entire camp schedule. We are excited to offer five different sessions for the serious basketball player. 

Our host location is approximately 100 miles Northwest of Los Angeles, and within driving distance of many Northern California cities. Please note that all campers are responsible for their own ground  transportation. The Santa Barbara Airport is closest in proximity to Westmont College. 

The safe and secure campus, which includes scenic gardens, stone bridges, and stunning pathways, is an ideal place for camp. Campers reside on campus in the newly renovated Van Kampen Hall.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 6:00 Point Guard & Post Clinic
  • 7:00 Breakfast
  • 8:00 Organization and Warm-up
  • 8:45 Clinic - Offense
  • 9:35 Clinic - Defense
  • 10:35 Clinic - Shooting
  • 11:30 Team Practice
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 1:15 Clinic - Offense
  • 2:30 Central Division Games
  • 3:45 Eastern/Central Division Games/Break for Western
  • 4:45 Dinner
  • 6:00 Organization & Individual Athleticism
  • 6:30 Clinic - Defense
  • 8:00-10:45 Western Division Games

Camper Reviews

  • 5/5.

My son looked like a different kid when I picked him up. He was always very quiet and unsure of his basketball abilities. He now is vocal and confident and becoming a leader. Camp not only helped his Bball skills but helped him grow as a young man.

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  • 4/5.

This was a rigorous but fun experience. I got great feedback which has helped to improve my game. I now know the areas that I need to work on and I am striving to improve my game every time I go to the court. I would recommend this program to anyone who seriously wants to improve their technique and be a better player!

  • 5/5.

I benefited from the one on one coaching. My coaches knew when to push me so as to reach my potential. Facilities were nice and clean. Food was excellent.

  • 5/5.

Before I went to this camp I had several shooting instructors work on my shot. I went to Snow Valley and by the end of the camp my shooting technique was perfect. It takes a really amazing camp to show you the right shooting technique in just a week.

  • 5/5.

This is the dad of the camper -- she has attended several basketball camps although only 13 years old including a Stanford camp earlier in the summer, playing up from her age group at both camps --- she considered the Snow Valley Camp much more rigorous and more instructive than any other camp she has ever attended.

  • 4/5.

My daughter hurt her ankle at the camp. I was impressed at the care taken to tape her ankle and to retape her the next day as well. I really appreciated this. My daughter gained a great deal from the camp. Thank you. 

  • 5/5.

My husband and I would like to thank you for the rewarding experience our son just experienced at your Snow Valley Basketball School at Westmont College.  Being serious about basketball, our son appreciated all the professionalism and expertise of your staff.  He has been to a different basketball camp the last three summers and he says this camp by far was the best.  He recognized the committment and intensity you provided him.  The time his coach took in evaluating our son and grading him on all aspects of the game not only informed us as parents on how to guide him in his development of basketball but it also gave him something extremely worthwhile to work with in terms of basketball fundamentals.  With that said, please thank Coach Brendan Garrett and Coach Simmons for us and for that matter thank your whole staff!  Our son plans to attend your basketball camp again next summer.  

  • 4/5.

My son enjoyed the camp very much, he felt that it was for serious basketball players- lots of hard work and lots of instruction - but playing hard basketball is the most fun activity of all for him. He really enjoyed the Cut-Throat game. He is already asking if he can go back next year. As a father, I was very pleased to hear that his experience was as positive as my own experience at Snow Valley in 1986!

  • 5/5.

Camp was everything I expected and more, my son had a great time and learned both mentally and physically. Great staff, we'll be back next year. 

  • 5/5.

Snow Valley basketball camp is by far the best camp experience my boys have ever had. They learned a ton, worked really hard, and can't wait to return next summer. Thank you for an excellent week!

  • 5/5.

The camp pushed my daugheter up to and a little past her breaking point. She was exhauseted but very proud of her accomplishment and feels very good about herself as a result - Oh and the basketball was excellent as well!

  • 5/5.

The food was great. The coaches were talented and seemed to really care about us. I plan to bring two of my friends with me next year. 

  • 5/5.

My son had an absolute amazing time! He enjoyed the diversity of the campers (boys from Germany, Greece, China, Africa, Switzerland), and loved the structure of the camp. He came home inspired, motivated, and ready to dive into basketball on an even deeper level. He appreciated having the trainers on hand and had his ankles wrapped on a couple of occasions. The focus on skills and technique was amazing - and the overall experience was a great "first time" away from home memory.

  • 5/5.

Snow Valley was an incredible learning experience. I learned about discipline, working hard, fundamentals and attention to detail. I worked hard on my skills and I know it will definitely pay off when my club and school seasons start. Thanks to all of the great coaches!

  • 5/5.

By far the best basketball camp my daughter has ever attended. She learned so much and also had a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone who is serious about becoming a better basketball player! 

  • 5/5.

The two comments my daughter has made over and over again is how much she learned at camp and that she definitely wants to return next year. Thanks for a wonderful first year! 

  • 5/5.

Everything was top-notch and wonderful. I enjoyed the energy and enthusiastic vibes I got from walking into the gym on the first day of camp. 

  • 5/5.

It's impossible not to get better at this camp. If you really take full advantage of the drills you will improve a ton! 

  • 5/5.

This was my son's first time attending this camp, he loved the intensity, the one to one focus he received from the coaches, tools to help him get better in basketball (shooting, defense) and making new friends. The whole atmosphere was one of the most positive experiences in his life!! He is only 14, and this was the best moment in his life. I thank you for stoking the fire and love he has for the game of basketball!!!

  • 5/5.

I enjoyed the instruction in detail and mastering the fundamentals of the game and getting a better understanding of how to make the right reads! At the end of camp, reading the defense never seemed so easy!

  • 5/5.

This camp kept us going. Taught endurance and discipline for the game. I recommend this camp to anyone that wants to really improve their game. Met people from all over. My roommate was from Norway. Great experience!!

  • 5/5.

Absolutely incredible experience for our son. He LOVED it on all levels. Fun, great learning experience, good food, beautiful location, spacious rooms. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! 

  • 5/5.

Overall, a very good camp. The coaches and staff were great!! The food was good and the games were very fun. I learned many valuable experiences and look forward coming back to the camp again with a friend this next coming year.

Camp Dates & Prices

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