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It’s the Greatest Celebration of Pickleball Ever

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Feed your pickleball addiction at the 3-DAY PicklePalooza festival featuring everything you love about pickleball: instruction from the top teachers in the game, open play with friends new and old, play against the pros, strategy sessions, and much more. Plus, enjoy the social aspect of our beloved sport with great food, fun entertainment (music and comedy), and your chance to hang out with the game’s greatest players at Bell Bank Park powered by Legacy Sports USA in Mesa, AZ. What's great about Pickle Palooza? Unlike a tournament where you may pay the cost of travel, lodging, and food only to go 2 and out, with PicklePalooza you are guaranteed 3 full days of pickleball fun!

Hosted by senior pros Steve Dawson and Dave Fleming, all access tickets are for the entire Palooza, which includes everything listed below plus an awesome T-shirt with the PicklePalooza logo.

Highlights Include
  • 3 full days of pickleball and fun
  • Instruction from world class professionals
  • Play against and get to know the pros
  • On court strategy sessions
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Camp Coaches

  • Steve dawson bio

    Co-Director Steve Dawson

    Steve was a 2 time Big-8 Tennis Champion for the University of Oklahoma and an ITF World Tennis Champion before catching the BUG!

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  • Dave fleming bio

    Co-Director Dave Fleming

    Dave is a US OPEN and National Champion and one of the top players on the Senior Pro tour. He also creates unique strategy content on the just-released SelkirkTV app and can be found in the booth adding expert commentary on broadcasts across the country.

  • Jennifer dawson bio

    Co-Director Jennifer Dawson

    Jennifer Dawson was the World's first ever Triple Crown professional pickleball champion by winning singles, doubles and mixed doubles in the same US Open professional pickleball championship!

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  • Jill braverman bio

    Coach Jillian Braverman

    Jillian Braverman, our very own Bobby Rigg’s & So Cal Classic Gold Medal Champion, hails from just up the coast in Newport Beach, CA.

    View 's Bio
  • Aj koller bio

    Coach AJ Koller

    AJ Koller came roaring onto the scene in the back half of 2021, earning multiple medals in major tournaments and a top 7 spot in the Major League Pickleball draft.

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  • Megan dizon bio new

    Coach Megan Dizon

    Megan played D1 tennis at Brigham Young University and picked up pickleball at the end of 2020.

    View Megan's Bio
  • Rob cassidy bio new

    Coach Rob Cassidy

    Rob Cassidy is a certified IPTPA Instructor and Co- Director of Ultimate Pickleball Academy.

    View Rob's Bio
  • Michelle esquivel bio

    Coach Michelle Esquivel

    Michelle Esquivel is an IPTPA certified instructor, Founder & Co- Director of Ultimate Pickleball Academy and a top 10 female pickleball pro.

    View Michelle's Bio

Camp Details


  • March 4-6
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Each day, you will have 5 hours of court time, with a portion of that time allocated to instruction. Once you finish your play time, it's challenge the pro time! Then go to the strategy court for tips on the mental and strategic part of the game. Once you are done challenging and learning from the pros, it's time to relax, eat and watch a unique exhibition match on center court where the pros stop after points and discuss what happened so you can learn from what you just saw.

Each day you will be given a color-coded wrist band and a schedule of events for you for that day. Each day is a bit different, so follow your provided schedule closely so you don't find yourself somewhere all you new friends are not! Friday and Saturday will run from 8am to 6pm with happy hour and live music (Friday) and stand-up comedy (Saturday) to close each day. We finish 3 days of pickleball celebration at 4 on Sunday.

Your Pickle Palooza experience is hosted by top senior pros Steve Dawson and Dave Fleming. It will be held at the brand new Bell Bank Park powered by Legacy Sports USA, the largest sports and entertainment facility in North America, featuring 41 total pickleball specific courts (including 4 Medal Courts with spectator stands and 1 Stadium Court that seats 2,500).

Your confirmed professionals include:

  • Steve Dawson: US Open Champion, National Champion, Canadian National Champion
  • Dave Fleming: US Open Champion, National Champion, TOC Finalist
  • Jennifer Dawson: over 20 US OPEN and National Golds
  • Jillian Braverman: Bobby Rigg’s & So Cal Classic Gold Medal Champion
  • AJ Koller: In the top 7 in the Major League Pickleball draft
  • Megan Dizon: Currently ranked in the top 25 for both women’s doubles and mixed doubles

We can’t wait to see you in Arizona!


Book early for the best room rates! These are Day Camps and only and run during the hours listed above. The camp tuition DOES NOT include housing. Campers are required to provide their own overnight accommodations.


A detailed information packet containing check in location, health/release forms, emergency contact info, and a list of things to bring will be emailed to all registered players. Our health and release forms do not require a doctor's signature and they will be collected on the first day of camp.

Bell bank park aerial rendering facility image

Bell Bank Park, powered by Legacy Sports USA is a 320 acre World Class family sports and entertainment park. The one-of-a-kind park features a 3,000 seat outdoor stadium, eSports arena, indoor arena, (35) soccer/lacrosse/football fields, (57) indoor volleyball courts, (8) baseball and softball fields, (20) basketball courts, (41) pickleball courts, (12) beach volleyball courts, Obstacle Course Racing Park, (22) futsal courts, Gymnastics Center, Dance Studio, Cheer Center, Sports Performance Center, Family Fitness Center, Wellness Center, Kids Play Center, 2.7 acre Great Lawn for concerts and events, 17,000sqft Sports Restaurant and Bar and so much more.

With numerous playing fields, Bell Bank Park serves as a major hub for professional, club and recreation competition at various levels of expertise and proficiency. The park is geared toward both high energy entertainment and sports.

Camp Reviews

Overall Average Rating 4.63 / 5 Stars
    • 5/5.
    My son had a great time

    — Anonymous

    • 5/5.
    Highly recommend this experience, bring a partner

    September 16, 2021: Being able to ask the Pros questions about strategies and tactics awesome. For example, in x situation what should I have done and why? Every sport has little “tricks” involving techniques and tactics—once you know them, it makes the game much easier. One eventually learns these over time through hours of playing, but if you can tap into an expert, it significantly speeds up the learning curve. The agenda was set-up to do exactly that. I signed up with a partner who was at a similar level as me. It was fantastic, because we could learn together. I felt bad for the people who signed up without a partner, as it must have been a little challenging for them to “fit in” to some of the drills. Maybe this was done, but if not, perhaps have those that sign up as individuals get together early and find a partner or partners for drills etc. Thank you!!

    — Dennis R.

    • 5/5.
    All parts of camp were great

    September 15, 2021: All had pieces play an important part. Fun part was playing against the pros.

    — Robbin H.

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    • 5/5.
    A lot of great info to learn from the pros

    September 15, 2021: Learned a lot from the Chalk Talk and pros coaching during open play

    — Randy G.

    • 5/5.
    So many favorite parts of Palooza

    September 15, 2021: It hard to pick one, I did like the Open play with coaching, It help my husband and I as a team

    — Christina C.

    • 5/5.
    Look forward to future great experiences

    September 15, 2021: My favorite part was getting beat by the pros! It was fun!I thought the festival was well-run and organized. I hope to do it again in the future :)

    — Donna H.

    • 5/5.
    Overall great experience, some little tweaks could make it even better

    September 15, 2021: Great instructors who provided excellent tips, were very patient (most instructors, enthusiastic in teaching the game and were great people to be around. To offer any constructive criticism: Shade was difficult to find (maybe at some wide points between some courts in the middle some thinner shade/bench structures could be erected as I've seen at other tennis facilities. Maybe have more watering areas and even snacks available (from sponsors?) I had heard some players mention a tournament, structured or more guided play would have been preferred to allow people to circulate within more of the group. Overall it was a great, well staffed, well organized experience that I hope to be able to do again.

    — Matt R.

    • 5/5.
    Helpful pros with great tips

    September 15, 2021: Loved all the pros being so helpful and even giving tips while we did open play! Really the pros see what we are doing wrong and help reinforce the keys to being a real pickle ball player

    — Bert G.

    • 5/5.
    Really fun and learned so much

    September 15, 2021: My favorite part was watching the pro's and having them take apart their plays and why they did certain shots or what they were thinking - learning their strategies!. Also having them coach us! Super fun time!

    — Deborah M.

    • 5/5.
    Watching the pros and learning their strategy

    September 16, 2021: The whole thing was great! I really liked learning strategy. I loved watching the exhibition games and the explanations that went along with them. I'd never seen pickleball at that level

    — Stacey M.

    • 5/5.
    Great being able to practice what we were just taught

    September 22, 2021: It was very well organized and I learned a lot from the Steve's drills and then immediately having the opportunity to do the drills. Watching the pros play was amazing.

    — Caroline H.

    • 5/5.
    Learning from the pros with new people

    September 16, 2021: Learning so much, seeing the pros show us what excellent pickleball looks like, the entertainment of it all, meeting people, getting better, workarounds, etc. was all incredible. I would like to have had a wee bit more structure in open play to be able to play with more people than we did. A rotation system or simple court assignment to start us off with fresh opponents would have been nice.

    — null

    • 5/5.
    Instruction from the pros is so helpful

    September 16, 2021: On court instruction during play is the most useful for improvement of my game. When the pros point out what you could have done better when they actually see it, it hits home. Same is true when they point out something you did right. Challenge the Pros was great fun, but if a few more points could be played during that segment it would be outstanding. A printed brochure or email describing the skills taught would be a great addition to the experience so that participants could go home and practice without forgetting some of them.

    — Chris J.

    • 5/5.
    Lots to learn with new players and pros

    September 16, 2021: For me it was great to play with loads of different people it gave me confidence as well as getting advice from the pro.

    — Suzie S.

    • 5/5.
    Ready to apply new skills to future matches

    September 16, 2021: I loved getting instructions and tips in multiple formats, whether during open play or during challenge the pros. I learned a lot and look forward to using my new skills and kicking some pickle butt

    — Sandy K.

    • 5/5.
    Many different ways to learn from everyone

    September 16, 2021: The pros were absolutely phenomenal on and off the court! Watching the pros play and then having them break down plays and critique why the play worked or didn’t work or why they made the play they did and how they would play it differently. Always showing options.

    — Lynn D.

    • 5/5.
    So many different pros to learn from

    September 17, 2021: The pace was great, and LOTS of time on the court!!! I thought it was great that we could have open play with pros right there to break down a point. Many pros with their own style and take on points, but also many options to choose what works best for your personal ability. I also liked that we could play in groups of our own level rather than mixing.

    — Beth R.

    • 5/5.
    All of the pros offer so much insight

    September 17, 2021: Steve, Jen & Callan Dawson were so welcoming and encouraging. Also pros Kevin Booth, Lindsey Newman, Rich Lopez, Steve Cole, and Ambassador Dave were all very helpful and inspirational. Watching their exhibitions and playing with them was my favorite part for sure. Callan's chalk talk was GREAT

    — Lynne M.

    • 5/5.
    Fun place to learn more about pickleball

    September 20, 2021: The camaraderie among all the participants and the fun everyone had with each other and the pros who were fun, accessible and helpful

    — Susan C.

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