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How to Become a Better Runner

This video provides tips on how to become a better runner. Tips provided by Nike Running Camps.

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Make sure you run on a consistent basis
Conditioning and fitness is crucial
You will be at your best when you are in your  greatest shape

Eat Clean and Drink Water

It is important that you fill your body with a healthy dose of food before runs
Eat foods that provide you with energy (carbs & protein)
Make sure you are hydrated (drink ~1 ounce/10 lbs of body weight)

Create a Plan for Success

Set goals
Plan a method to reach those goals
Challenge yourself to reach your goals

Track Your Progress

Keep a training log
Document the distance & time of your runs
Document how you felt after the run


Keep your body relaxed at all times
Stretch before and after runs (don’t overdo it)
Take care of sore and tender muscles

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