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How To Be A More Coachable Swimmer

Nike Swim Camp Director & York College Head Coach, Greg Doyle, discusses how to be a more coachable swimmer:

I think a big issue in competitive swimming has become whether or not you're coachable.  I tend to run into athletes who always question the process and often ask why we do certain things and why this way.  Moral to the story is trust and believe in your coach.  They have had the opportunity to work at different levels and have lots of experience.  I can relate to them as a former swimmer and have seen many studies done that either work or don't work.

Trusting your coach and the philosophy that he or she has in place will many times lead to positive results.  Coaches also have to have an open mind and listen to their athletes.  If both parties can have an open mind and be willing to try new things then I would say the team dynamic and chemistry will have a successful outcome.

Below is an article from swim swam that sums this up.  Being coachable can make the difference in a season.  I have seen swimmers who just don't want to change their approach and that usually backfires on them.


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