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Northeast Football Clinic: Tips for Running Backs

Define your style- Identify your strengths are you a running back who is  a bigger build who can carry the ball between tackles or are you a small fast type who can running to the outside and beat players with speed and agility. It is important to figure out what your strengths are and play to them.

Don’t hesitate- Hesitation can ruin an entire play because you didn't react instantly.

Practice catching- Want to be a versatile running back? Of course you do, being a running back isn’t just about running with the ball. Being able to run routes and catch the ball downfield will make you a much more effective player.

Practice Blocking- Going along with being versatile, when you are not involved with the playmaking be sure to protect the quarterback. Knowing how to block is clutch for helping your team and benefits you with more time on the field.

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