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Basketball - Ironman/Ironwoman Competition

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Here is a fun way to improve your skills in a competitive drill. You can compete against your friends or yourself. At camp we call it the Ironman or Ironwoman Competition. Here’s how it works:

Pick several skills you want to work on (from four to seven works best). Complete each skill in order without stopping between. Fastest time wins, or if you are by yourself, try to lower your time each time you compete.

For example:

  • Make three shots from each elbow (getting your own rebound)
  • Dribble the ball 100 times with each hand
  • Throw ten passes off a wall from behind a set distance
  • Make ten layups from each side
  • Do 20 defensive lane slides, touching the line with your hand
  • Dribble full court (or up & down your driveway) two times
  • Make a free throw

This example would probably take most players around five minutes (when you’re tired, that last free throw can be tough!). You can pick any skills you want and any number of reps you want, depending on the areas of your game you are looking to improve. Remember to do the same number of reps, in the same order, so you can compare and keep track of your improvement. After a while, you can come up with new skills & rep numbers, in a new order.

Be creative and compete! Are you a Basketball Ironman or Ironwoman?!

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