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Nike Basketball Camp - Two Ball Toss and Cross

To be a great offensive basketball player, mastering your dribbling technique is key. Some of the best dribblers in the NBA such as Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, have put in countless hours of practicing their dribbling in order to become the dominant players they are today. Practicing your hand eye coordination while dribbling down the court with this Two Ball Toss and Cross drill will help you become a threat on the offensive side of the game. Follow along as Coach Khalil explains this simple dribbling drill that can help you take your game to the next level!

For this drill, you will need 2 balls, a hoop, and one other person. Starting at the top of the 3 point line, pound the 2 balls simultaneously. After completing the dribbles, you will throw the ball to the other person with your strong hand. After throwing the ball, you will then attack and do a closed cross-over. While doing the cross-over, you will then slap the ball in the hand of the person and finish hard with a layup. This drill will help your coordination as well as your attacking moves in traffic towards the basket. Practice this drill a few times each day and you will surely see a huge improvement in your offensive techniques!

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