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Nike Basketball Camp - Vandy Shooting Drill

Being set and in position prior to a shot is an incredibly important step in making sure your shots are accurate. To become a great shooter, you must focus on your feet positioning, your ball placement, and your setpoint. Practicing your pre-shot stance with this Vandy Shooting Drill will help you become more accurate and ready to shoot in real game situations. Follow along as Coach Lindsey explains this simple shooting drill that can help you improve your game!

For this drill, all you will need is a ball and a hoop. Starting with the ball you take one hard dribble followed by a split dribble, through your legs. After completing the two dribbles, you will return to your setpoint and get into a shooting position. It is as simple as that! When you return to your setpoint, make sure you keep the ball high and out of reach from defenders while also keeping your stance aimed towards the basket. Repetition of this drill will certainly help elevate your game and make you a threat on the court.

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