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Nike Basketball Camp - Two on One with a Chaser Drill

Practicing real game scenarios can help you prepare for real game situations. You always want to find ways to get advantages in the game of basketball. One of the biggest advantages you can have on offense is a 2 on 1. If you are looking to better your game and perfect a successful 2 on 1 that results in a basket for your team check out the Two on One with a Chaser Drill! Nike Basketball Camp Director Lee Miller breaks down the drill and how to execute it. Follow along to see how to incorporate this into your skillset!

For this drill, you will need four players on the baseline, one cone in between half court and the three point line, two cones on the outside of the three point line, and one cone inside the key. The two offensive players will run to the cones outside the three point line with one player dribbling. One defender will run to the furthest cone, while the other runs to the shortest cone (inside the key). This will create a 2 on 1 situation for one pass. The offensive goal is to make an accurate pass that results in a score before the second defender gets in position. While the defensive player's goal is to block the shot and get the ball.

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