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Nike Basketball Camp - Trail Blazer One on One

Competitive One on One Drills are essential to any coach's playbook. Drills that focus on speed and quick transitions help players work on skills that are easily translated into a five on five gameplay setting. Follow along as Nike Basketball Camps Director Cam Dailey explains the Trail Blazer One on One drill, commonly used at our Nike Basketball Camps.

To set up the drill, start two lines at the baseline on the same side of the basket. One is the defender and the second is the player with the ball. The defender is the player closest to the basket. Next, place two cones perpendicular to each line. The defender cone will be in line with the top of the key and the ball handler cone will be in line with the center of the key. When the coach yells "Go!", each player will run up to their cone and then transition into either shooting the ball or defending the shooter. Focus on making sure each player maintains their footwork and stance.

The more you incorporate this drill into your practices and pre-game warm-ups, the more you will notice an improvement in your team's ability to quickly transition from one point to the next. As your team progresses you can make the drill more challenging by moving the defender cone up and forcing them to run faster to defend the shooter.

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