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Presented by Joel Green, Camp Director
Nike Basketball Camp RiverWinds Community Center

Nike Basketball - 5 4 3 2 1 Shooting Drill

Single boy shooting

Talent can only go so far in basketball. Players who train in all conditions, zones, and who are ready to shoot at any moment are the ones who succeed. Practicing shots while tired is a great way to get close to game like scenarios. Here is a drill commonly used by Joel Green, CEO of Pro Level Training, at his complete skill basketball camps.

Joel Green and Pro Level Training’s goal is to improve a player’s on court performance by providing the physical and mental tools needed to get to the next level. Their coaching staff is comprised of D1 players, current and former NBA/WNBA players and international athletes.

The 5-4-3-2-1 Drill helps players enhance their shot quality while fatigued, shot readiness and conditioning. This drill is for beginner to advanced players looking to hone in on their field goal and layup shooting skills and consistency.


Place 6 cones on the court as show in the video. Two under the basket, on the right (4) and left (5) side, one on the free-throw line (0), one on the 3-pointer line above the free throw line (1), and one cone on the right (2) and left side (3) of the 3-pointer line.


  • Run as hard as possible to each spot.
  • Be low and ready for each jumpshot.
  • Make all 5 shots.

The Drill

The player will start at cone 5 and shoot a layup. After that they will sprint around cone 0 and shoot a layup at cone 4. From there they will run to cone 3 and shoot a jumpshot and then sprint to cone 2 and shoot a jumpshot and finish at cone 1 and shoot a jump shot.

Check our even more basketball drills and tips and join Joel Green this summer at a Nike Basketball Camp.

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