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Basketball Tip: Hoop Height for All Ages

How to know the best Basketball hoop height for your child

With more time at home than ever, kids are spending even more time practicing at home in their yards. It’s important to maximize your child’s success and make sure the rim height is right for your child’s current level. Most hoops are adjustable and will allow you to change heights as your child grows. At Nike Basketball Camps, we always make sure to adjust hoop heights according to age and skill level. On average, adjustable hoops range from 7-10 feet.

It’s a common misconception that it’s more beneficial to start on a regulation size hoop. In reality, children who learn on a hoop that is too big for them often develop bad shooting habits. Instead of focusing on proper technique, they focus on “throwing” the ball just to make it to the rim. By adjusting the height as your child learns, you can help them develop their technique and stop them from learning bad habits that are hard to break down the line. Here is a helpful guide to help you make sure your hoop is the correct size for your athlete.

6-7 Feet: Up to 2nd Grade

When your child is just starting out, make sure your hoop is as low as it can go. This is the time to focus on creating solid fundamentals and to get a feel for the game.

8 Feet: 3-4th Grade

At this age, your child may start getting stronger and look to be ready for a regulation size hoop. Try keeping them at 8 feet and instead have them focus on their technique.

9 Feet: 4th-5th Grade

This additional foot helps your child stay challenged while also creating strong shooting habits.

10 Feet: 6th Grade and Older

When your child hits 6th grade, it’s time to bring them up to a regulation size hoop. They should have a strong enough foundation to reach the rim and not “throw’ the ball at it.

It can be tempting as a parent to just throw your kid in and start them off at a regulation size hoop. They will eventually be there, so why not start them there. It’s important to remember your child watches the NBA, WNBA, college ball and more, and wants to be exactly like their idols. The hard part is that with their smaller frames and limited strength they won’t be able to have as much fun on a regulation size hoop. Giving your child room to grow and build strength will help them build confidence and set them up to be successful in their basketball future.

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