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Beginners Guide to Rugby: Common Questions & Answers

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Rugby is a highly physical and competitive sport; however, it is also known for its defining core values. It has been said that rugby does not just follow the rules, but that it is played within the spirit of the rules. Our Nike Rugby Summer Camps provide young players with top-notch college coaches to help improve their game. Rugby has gained massive popularity in the US; however, many people are unaware of how the game is played. There is no doubt that rugby is a complicated sport to understand, which is why knowing the basic information before getting started is crucial. This fundamental guide answers the most commonly asked questions about rugby.

What is rugby?

Rugby is a team sport in which both teams can carry, pass or kick the ball to the opponents’ goal line to score. The team scoring the most points in the given time of play wins the match.

How big is a rugby pitch?

A rugby pitch is between 94 -100 meters long, and between 68-70 meters wide. The length of the pitch is from try line to try line, which is the plane the ball must be crossed to score. The touch line is what keeps the ball and players in play throughout the game.

What are the main differences between 15s and 7s rugby?

15s rugby is played with 15 players on each side, and 7s rugby is played with 7 players on each side. There are two 40-minute halves in 15s rugby, with a 10-minute half time break. In 7s, there are two 7-minute halves with a 2-minute half time break. The positions change in rugby as well depending on which type you are playing. In 15s, there are 7 backs and 8 forwards, and in 7s there are 4 backs and 3 forwards.

Is there required equipment?

Players must have rugby specific cleats, or boots. Players are recommended to wear a mouth guard to help protect their teeth and jaw. Players may also wear approved head gear or padded equipment under their jerseys.

Why can’t you pass the ball forward?

In rugby, the ball cannot be passed forward, however, the goal of the game is to move forward towards the opponents’ goal line to score. This conflict eliminates the success of just one player and forces players to work together as a team and build unity.

What is the scrum?

A scrum is a way to resume play in a match. This consists of players on each team coming together in a tight huddle like formation. Players are locked together by holding on to the back of each other’s jerseys and linking around one another. The scrum half throws the ball on the ground in the middle of the scrum and there is a fight for possession between both teams.

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