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Quick Tips on Catching the High Ball

Catching the high ball in rugby can be very difficult, which is why knowing the proper technique is crucial for executing a safe catch. Every rugby player should know how to complete a catch in case they are in the situation during a match. You may catch the ball in the air or on the ground, depending on how surrounded you are by the opposing team. The dedicated coaching staff at our Nike Legion Rugby Camp in San Diego supply some quick and helpful tips on taking in the high ball.

Tip 1: See the Logo

Keeping your eye on the ball is important, but what is more important is keeping your eye on the logo. Seeing the logo allows you to get in line with the ball’s path and be ready for the catch. This technique decreases your chances of missing the ball.

Tip 2: Closed Fists

When catching the high ball, think of making a bread basket for the ball to fall into. See the logo and extend your arms toward the direction of the ball. You want to practice catching the ball in your arms and chest with your fists out and closed.

Tip 3: Add Pressure

Practice catching the ball in a game like situation, so you are ready for any scenario in a match. Add pressure to your training by adding your teammates and have them challenge you while you catch the ball. It is likely that you will have players from the opposition around you and you may be tackled after the catch, so getting used to the pressure in practice will be beneficial for actual game time play.

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