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Soccer Tip: Refining Your First Touch

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Refining Your First Touch

Benefits of a Good First Touch

Creates time and space for the player to make a better decision on what to do next
Eliminates a time-wasting second touch
Eliminates pressure and creates a comfortable window for the player to assess what to do next

Drawbacks of a Bad First Touch

Can easily result in a loss of possession
Can ruin the flow of the attack
Can lead to time-wasting which will take from the timing of an attack

Elements Crucial to Having a Good First Touch

Being ready to receive the ball
You must be on your toes and anticipating any move
Having proper foot placement and pressure is crucial
Being balanced and focusing on the ball

Drills to Help Improve First Touch…

Kicking off the wall - kick the ball against the wall and control the ball out in front of you with the inside of your right foot and then your left foot. Repetition in this drill is the key to improvement.

Keep-away – If you have enough players to do this, gather around in a circle, and place one or two players inside of the circle. Pass the ball around with one touch per player and keep the ball away from the players in the middle.

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