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Presented by Danny McGhee, Coach

Street Soccer Skills with Global Street Soccer: Street Panna

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Danny McGhee, founder of GSS and industry leader in street soccer and freestyle football is here to lead you through creative skill sessions to help you feel more confident with the ball at your feet. You will be encouraged to try new things, discover, and make mistakes as you learn to express yourself. Follow along continue to add new skills to your game!

Watch the video and follow these three steps:

1. Face your opponent and roll the ball with the sole of your foot across your body

2. Hop to the side the ball is rolling to and wait for the opponent to reach for the ball

3. Use the outside of your foot to slide the ball through the open legs of the defender

GSS Tip: Try to wait for the defender to slow down before you execute the skill

The Benefits of Learning Street Soccer Skills:

Street Soccer lets players fall in love with the game whilst they get better at it. GSS will lead you through creative skill sessions where players will be encouraged to try things, discover, and make mistakes. The skills will give players the incentive to use the ball more regularly due to the instant gratification of learning a new move. Over a short period of time players will start to nurture a better relationship with the ball and feel more confident. A player that ‘put the ball where they want it’ will be a far more creatively expressive player than one that can’t. Plus it's FUN!

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