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Nike Soccer Tip: Seven Tips to Create More Scoring Chances

Soccer Dribble Through Cones

The goal scorer gets most of the glory, but sometimes it's the pass that deserves the praise. There are passes where the striker still has a lot of work to do before they score. Then there are passes where it would be harder for the striker to miss than to score. For example, when a winger perfectly bends the ball on the ground to a forward at the far post who doesn’t even need to break their stride.

Every situation in a game will be different but having the ability to see the options before you receive the ball and technically deliver all types of service will be the key. With that in mind, here are seven tips to help you create more chances:

  1. Do the unexpected. Being unpredictable will make you hard to defend. Get creative and learn how to cross different ways, find passes, and dribble to unbalance defenders.
  2. Make the early cross. When you have space and time on the wing, and the defenders are retreating into their box, try and serve the ball in right away.
  3. Look for the cut back. Cut back passes are often overlooked and defenders tend to forget about the space behind them. Keep your head up and look for the cut back pass to a midfielder at the top of the box.
  4. Demand the ball if you're open or see a chance to create something in the attack. Use your voice and body language to help your teammates find you and get you the ball.
  5. Improve your first touch. In order to hit the perfect cross you will need to have a great first touch to set yourself up. Improving your first touch will increase your ability to create chances.
  6. Develop a high fitness level. In the 85th minute it may come down to a footrace between you and the defender. Having a high fitness level will allow you to beat defenders and be in the right spot to create chances.
  7. Model your game after elite players who are assist leaders for their clubs. Find a player that you like watching and closely watch what they do. Notice how they are always scanning the field, changing their body shape, communicating with teammates.

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