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Presented by Cam Dailey, Camp Director
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Coaches Playbook: Layup Drill for All Ability Levels

Basketball Coach tip for youth basketball players on how to do layups

Layups are an important skill to practice and coach at every level. They are a key component of the game and the success of a shooter. Often times players focus on mastering 3-pointers or free-throws, but mastering layups can lead to more points, and ultimately a win. Here is a drill, commonly taught by Nike Basketball Camp Director Cam Dailey, to work on layups with pressure from defenders.

The Set-Up:

Have players split in two groups and have each group go to one end of the court. At each end of the court, have groups form 2 lines of players, your offensive (O) and defensive (D) lines.

The offensive player should start out from the baseline, and the defensive player should start on the baseline, as seen in the image.

Each offensive line will start with the basketball.

The Drill:

The offensive player will dribble down the court with defensive pressure behind them. The goal is to have the offensive player far enough in front of the defensive player that they have to sprint down the court, and when they finish at the rim there is defensive pressure behind them.

When both players are set up, the coach will yell "GO!". The players will sprint to the other end of the court where the offensive player will finish at the rim, and the defender will pressure the shot without fouling.

The pair then passes the ball to the next pair at their new side of the court, and they will get in line to go again.

Make sure that players are switching sides of the floor so they are dribbling and finishing with their left hand. Lastly, watch to make sure players are attacking the ring at the correct angle.

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