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Tips to Become a Great Field Hockey Midfielder

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Midfielders play an extremely dynamic role on the turf. Midfielders have a significant role on both the offensive and defensive side. It is important to be a well rounded player to assist in all aspects of the game. To improve your game check out the tips below and practice you skills at a Nike Field Hockey Camp!

Tip #1: Stamina

Midfielders play a critical part on both sides of the field. This requires players to have a high level of stamina. It is important that midfielders stay focused both in season and in the off season to condition and remain in great shape.

Tip #2: Versatility

Each field hockey team has different strengths and weaknesses. Based on a team's needs, midfielders may have different responsibilities from one team to the next. It is important to be coachable and adaptable. Your coach may need you to fill a role on offense or defense to help win games.

Tip #3: Leadership

Midfielders often direct traffic on the field. It is important to lead your teammates by example but also vocally. Talking through the game plan will help with better team execution. Midfielders are often the play makers of the field and are vital to any good team.

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