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Field Hockey Tip: How to be a Great Striker

Improve Goal Scoring

Being a field hockey striker is simultaneously rewarding and frustrating. There is no better feeling than scoring the winning goal for your team, but sometimes you work as hard as you can with no reward. We have a few field hockey tips to help you get that winning goal more consistently!

Tip #1: Positive Mentality. Mentality is a huge part of your game! Approach every play with confidence and positivity for more goal-scoring opportunities, even if the last 10 attempts were unsuccessful. Practicing mental toughness in field hockey games will help you power through the slumps. Believe that you can score in any situation, and don’t be afraid to fail, you will be successful.

Tip #2: Stay Composed. As a field hockey striker, you will spend a lot of time under pressure from the opposing team’s defense. If you want to score goals, it is crucial to stay composed. A great way to achieve this is by being prepared to score in every situation that comes your way. Learn to shoot off both feet, perfect many different scoring techniques, always be ready to receive the ball, and don’t be afraid to take a shot from any angle.

Tip #3: Create Space. A good striker in field hockey is always aware of open space they can utilize, but they also need to know how to create space. Bring the defender marking you away from the area where you want to create space. Then once the ball is passed to you, you can lead off the defender and have the space to make your play, and shoot your shot!

The best way to become a better striker is through repetition and practice. Join us at a Nike summer 2023 field hockey camp to get the tools you need to take your game to the next level!

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