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Presented by Vianney Yamada (Campos), Camp Director
Nike Field Hockey Camp at University of San Diego

Field Hockey Tip: Warm-up Drill

A good warm-up is an essential step for any athlete. In this field hockey tip presented by Nike Camp Director, Vianney Yamada, she demonstrates how to perform a valuable warm-up for field hockey players.

Check out her video and incorporate this drill in your next warm-up routine to see the benefits. This 2-3 minute drill will get your heart rate up, which will loosen the muscles and get the oxygen and blood flowing through your body. By doing this drill, you are setting yourself up for success with your stretching and other parts of your warm-up.

The Drill: Set up 3 cones in a line, spaced out about 4 feet apart from each other, and start a timer for 2 minutes 30 seconds. Start at the middle cone with 10 high knees, followed by 10 butt kickers. Then side shuffle from the middle cone to the left cone, all the way across to the right cone, and then back to the middle. Perform 1 burpee. Repeat this cycle until the 2 minutes and 30 seconds is up!

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