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Join our field hockey camp in San Diego for girls, ages 10-18! Athletes of all abilities will have the opportunity to train with former UC Davis Head Field Hockey Coach, Vianney Yamada, and her dedicated coaching staff.

Our field hockey camp is designed for athletes looking to improve their field hockey skills through a series of individual skill-building drills in a fun and competitive environment! Join our summer 2023 field hockey camp in Southern California to unleash your potential and increase your love of the game.

Highlights Include
  • Partner Camp of USA Field Hockey; sanctioned to make referrals to USAFH Nexus program
  • Quality coaching from current and former collegiate coaches and players as well as current and former National Team players.
  • Special goalkeeping instruction
  • Morning, afternoon, and evening training sessions
  • 1:10 staff to camper ratio
  • All attendee receive a Nike Field Hockey Camps package (reversible jersey, ball, lanyard) and other fun prizes.
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Camp Coaches

Camp Details


Please note: Last year, this camp SOLD OUT at this location. You can expect high demand on these first-come-first-serve camper spots.


  • Dates: July 6-9
  • Age Group: 10-18
  • Gender: Girls
  • Camp Types: Overnight & Extended Day (commuter)
  • Check-In: 1:00pm-2:00pm on Thursday
  • Check-Out: Graduation takes place at 12:00pm on Sunday. Parents are invited to attend. Check out will take place immediately after.
  • Extended Day (Commuter) Schedule: Thursday: 2:00pm-9:00pm, Friday-Saturday: 9:00am-9:00pm, Sunday: 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Meals: All meals are provided for Overnight campers. Lunch and dinner are provided for all Extended Day (commuter) campers.
  • Program: This All Skills program is geared towards players of all abilities. The camp program includes stick work instruction & skills, technical & tactical training, offensive & defensive skills, and positioning work. Goalie-specific training is offered as well. Upon arrival, all participants are evaluated by the staff and placed into groups based on age and ability level.

Please note: Camp schedules and details may be subject to change.


The University of San Diego (as of 5/23/22), recommends the following guidelines:

  • Strongly recommends that all campers be vaccinated against COVID-19 (plus booster if applicable), or have a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arriving on campus

HOUSING (2023)

The information below is subject to change each year.

  • Dorm Name: San Juan and San Miguel, both located in Valley B
  • Dorm Style: Traditional Resident Hall
  • Number of Campers Per Room: 2 per room
  • Roommates: Rooms are assigned by age & roommate requests. Roommate requests must be mutual and received no later than 14 days before the start of camp. If you don't have a roommate request, you will be placed in a room with someone near your age. It will be a great opportunity to meet someone new!
  • Bathrooms: Shared bathroom in hall
  • Linens: Not provided. Bring linens or sleeping bag, pillow, pillowcase and a towel
  • Air Conditioning: TBA


  • Instruction: Morning, afternoon and evening training sessions
  • Overnight campers: Dormitory housing on campus and all meals are provided.
  • Extended Day campers: Lunch and dinner are provided.
  • Supervision: Staff members reside in campers’ quarters and participate in all activities.
  • Camp Gear: All campers receive a Nike Field Hockey Camp package (reversible jersey, ball, lanyard) and other fun prizes.


  • Ratio: 1:10 staff-to-camper ratio
  • Groupings: Campers are grouped by age, ability, and experience.
  • Equipment Needed: Hockey stick, water bottle, mouth guard, shin guards, court and turf shoes (goalies must bring full goalie protective equipment)
  • Inclement Weather Plan: TBA for 2023
  • Facility: Turf fields
  • Medical Protocol: Most camps have an athletic trainer on-site to help with illness or injury. In case of an emergency, campers will be transported to the nearest hospital.

Directors Note to Campers

"Hello Nike Field Hockey campers and thank you for considering our California Field Hockey Camps! We are excited to welcome you to our piece of sunshine on the west coast & share our great passion for this sport. At these camps, you can expect to get personalized attention and care. Our coaches are here to help you develop into great all-around players with solid fundamentals yet fun advanced skills. You will have an opportunity to connect with many players around the US but also build friendships with some of the players you may play against quite often. Believe it or not, this is actually the best part! Great hockey & great company! We hope you join us on these beautiful college campuses." - Coach Vianney.


To view your customer account, complete your mandatory forms, pay balance dues, and review important camp information, visit Pre-Camp Checklist. All necessary camp information is on this page. If there are any imperative changes prior to camp start, registered campers will be notified via email and this webpage will be updated!


Below is a suggested list of clothes, equipment, and personal items. US Sports Camps is NOT responsible for lost or stolen articles or money.


  • Athletic, on-field clothing (t-shirts, shorts)
  • Turf shoes or sneakers
  • Reversible jersey
  • Socks
  • Hockey Stick(s)
  • Mouth guard
  • Shin guards
  • Goggles (not required, but recommended)
  • Court shoes for indoor play in case of rain
  • Goalies must bring their own full protective equipment
  • Water bottle*
  • Sunscreen**
  • Snacks
  • Small gym bag/backpack
  • Packed lunch (if required for commuters)
  • Spending money
  • COVID PPE (as required by state/local guidelines)
  • Signed Health & Release forms and waivers (forms completed online do not need to be printed and turned in at camp)


  • Athletic clothing mentioned above (1-2 pairs/day)
  • Comfortable off-court clothing (pants/shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, 1 pair/day)
  • Undergarments (1-2 pair/day)
  • Pajamas
  • Bathrobe
  • Flip flops
  • Laundry bag
  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, facewash, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
  • Personal items & medications
  • Eye mask, ear plugs (optional)
  • Washcloth and bath towel
  • Alarm clock
  • Fan (optional)
  • Bed sheets (if linens not provided)
  • Comforter or sleeping bag (if linens not provided)
  • Pillow and pillowcase (if linens not provided)


Transportation is not provided. Campers are responsible for getting to and from camp on their own. There is no supervision before or after camp hours so please make arrangements to pick up your child on time.


For information regarding our cancellation policy and all other company policies, please visit USSC Policies.


For general questions about our field hockey camps please see our FAQ page.


If you have a group of eight or more campers registering for the same camp, each camper is eligible for a discount. Please have someone contact the US Sports Camps office at 1-800-645-3226 with the names of each camper in the group and we will create a unique discount code for your group. Campers may then register individually through the website at their convenience and apply the offer code during check out. *Discount amount varies by program. Please call for details.


We cannot offer scholarships due to NCAA regulations. Our affiliation with NCAA coaches and schools puts us in a position where any scholarship money can be seen as an inducement to a future collegiate athlete. This puts our coaches and our host universities in jeopardy of damaging their status with the NCAA and incurring penalties at the hands of their organizing body.

Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender.

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Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:00am Wake-up, shower, breakfast
  • 9:00am Extended Day & Day Campers arrive. Stretching & Warm-up
  • 9:15am Training Session I
  • 12:00pm Lunch, rest
  • 1:30pm Training Session II
  • 4:00pm Free time, rest
  • 5:30pm Dinner
  • 6:30pm Training Session III
  • 9:00pm Extended Day Camper depart, Overnight Campers to rooms, free time
  • 10:00pm Lights out

USD's beautiful campus is located approximately two miles north of downtown San Diego, on the north crest of Mission Valley in the community of Linda Vista.

Camp Reviews

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Overall Average Rating 4.62 / 5 Stars
    • 4/5.
    Learned new techniques

    July 13, 2021: "Overall Brailynn loved camp and had a great experience. She met new friends and learned some new techniques."

    — Wendi V., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Great coaching staff

    July 14, 2021: "Kiera enjoyed spending time with other field hockey players in a college environment. She especially appreciated the feedback from coaches and the extra individualized time the coaches took to show her new skills."

    — Luna D., Parent

    • 5/5.
    Encouraging and knowledgeable coaches

    July 21, 2021: "She started as a complete novice and was able to learn many of the basics and new skills with the help of super encouraging and knowledgeable coaches."

    — Cassandra B., Parent

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    • 5/5.
    She loved it!

    July 19, 2019: Everyone was super nice and the instructors were incredibly nice and personable. The dorm accommodations were nice a big.

    — Jennifer G. Parent

    • 5/5.
    The coaching staff was great!

    July 17, 2019: Ella received lots of great tips and learned many new skills. The coaches were open to placing Ella in the appropriate group based on her skill level and experience. Their flexibility helped Ella maximize her potential.

    — Helen H. Parent

    • 5/5.
    She returns every year!

    July 15, 2019: My daughter had an amazing experience at the Nike Field Hockey Camp at University of San Diego for the fourth year in a row! She improved her overall skill level again, as well as targeted a few field moves she was hoping to master. The coaches were fantastic. They are positive, knowledgeable, and fun. The coaches provided wonderful advice about preparing for college with regards to playing field hockey in college and being prepared academically for the college application experience. My daughter loved the dorm experience and made more new friends from field hockey programs around the country.

    — Lorie H. Parent

    • 5/5.
    It was an awesome experience!

    July 15, 2019: I loved meeting new people and learning new skills. My reverse hits got so much better after this camp. I also learned a lot from the recruitment talk. The only thing that could be improved is the time we had to wake up. I personally thought it was too early.

    — Jordan S. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Worked on her skills

    July 15, 2019: Sasha loved her coach and loved learning new skills and brushing up on old skills, she also loved having some time to hang out with friends.

    — Jennifer G. Parent

    • 5/5.
    Overall great experience

    July 15, 2019: The food was very good according to her. She really improved her skills. She enjoyed the coaches and getting to know her fellow campers.

    — Christine F. Parent

    • 5/5.
    I improved by goalie skills!

    July 15, 2019: Working with coach Megan on my goalie techniques and improving my skills. The scrimmages and field hockey games were fun.

    — Merrelle G. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Loved camp!

    July 28, 2018: Daughter was really happy with the mix of hard work and fun. The SDU campus was beautiful and not too far from the airport. We flew in from Norcal. Lindsey loved the nice dorm but disappointed that the AC was not working. She wants to be back in 2019. Lindsey stated that she wished there was a better way of placing the girls according their skills, rather than parent’s assessment.

    — Luily L. Parent

    • 5/5.
    Overall Thoroughly Enjoyed the Experience

    July 17, 2018: She loved the amount of appreciation the coaches had for the sport and especially enjoyed the variation between each day. There were new drills everyday that were always fun and taught a new skill. She said the camp taught her the skills and techniques she wanted to learn and the coaches were so spectacularly helpful and talented!

    — Christine S. Parent

    • 5/5.
    Amazing Summer Experience!

    July 16, 2018: This was my daughter's third year at Nike Field Hockey camp at University of San Diego. This was another amazing experience for her. She grew tremendously as a field hockey player and came home full of stories about drills, scrimmages, and fun in the dorms. Right after camp, we went straight to a family vacation in Hawaii and my daughter begged us to let her take her field hockey stick on the plane with her to practice while on the island. Thank you for providing this amazing summer experience! It's very organized and you provide a really positive environment for the kids...we encouraged friends to sign up this year (and one did) and will continue to do it next year as well! Sydney looks forward to this camp each year and we actually had to cut out a few days of our Hawaii trip because Sydney really didn't want to miss out on camp!

    — Lorie H. Parent

    • 5/5.
    Great Camp!

    July 21, 2017: It was a really great camp! I had a lot of fun! My highlights were probably when we scrimmaged, discovering where to go for vegan options, learning how to properly do forehand spins, and talking with my roommates.

    — Gabriella T. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Loved camp!

    July 19, 2017: Great coaches and facilities! Also being able to choose our roommates made for a more delightful experience. My daughter loved the camp! Thanks.

    — Paula M. Parent

    • 5/5.
    Made her a stronger and more confident player!

    July 18, 2017: This camp and staff challenged her which in turn made her a stronger and more confident player. Another highlight was as an overnight camper she learned independence and time management. She loved it, being she's only 12. The program allowed me to trust she was in good hands. Last but not least what she also mentioned was how she loved the staff and how reliable and knowledgeable they were and how they believed in her.

    — Myda C. Parent

    • 5/5.
    Friendly coaches!

    July 18, 2017: Emma loved getting a glimpse of college campus life. She gained new field hockey skills that will help her in the position she plays. She said all the girls and the coaches were nice and friendly. She had a great time!

    — Tekoa C. Parent

    • 5/5.
    We can't wait for next year!

    July 17, 2017: My daughter attended Nike Field Hockey Camp at University of San Diego for the first time last year as a 12-year-old and as an extended day camper. During the pick up and drop off each day, it was clear to me that this is an incredibly safe and organized camp experience with coaches and staff who know the girls by name and are dedicated to everyone having a great learning and social experience. This year, I decided to register my daughter to stay overnight. I am so pleased with her experience with the full overnight camp this year. The dorm experience helped her to build friendships that will last beyond the camp. My daughter was thrilled with every aspect of the camp and reported back that the coaches were positive and motivating, they provided a lot of individualized coaching and feedback for specific positions and playing styles, and the scrimmages were a lot of fun. We can't wait for next year!

    — Lorie H. Parent

    • 5/5.
    Organized, safe, and motivating

    The Nike Field Hockey Camp in San Diego was an outstanding experience. My daughter is a beginner and this was a wonderful way to introduce her to the sport in a safe and fun environment with knowledgeable and motivating coaches. There was a wide variety of skill levels amongst the campers, but the coaches did an amazing job with challenging every camper within their current skill level. The camp felt very organized, safe, and the coaches were great role models for the girls. I appreciate that they offered an information session for the girls on navigating the process to become a college athlete. We look forward to returning next summer!

    — Parent of University of San Diego Camper '16

    • 5/5.
    Fun memories and friends

    This camp welcomes all levels of skill!! Whether this is your first year or you've been playing for 10, you will benefit from this experience. Most of the girls you meet you will see during the season and trust me when I say you will literally run to them when you see them because you will remember all of the fun and interesting memories you made together. This camp will provide you memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

    — University of San Diego Camper '16

    • 5/5.
    Exceeded expectations

    Although I was originally reluctant to do an overnight camp, this camp went far beyond my expectations. The girls were very nice and the coaches were super encouraging! They taught us how to prepare ourselves for the season and even for college. The dorms were also very nice and since there was four to a room I got to meet many new girls from all around the United States and even out of country! I would highly recommend this camp to anyone looking to improve their skills and enter the world of field hockey.

    — University of San Diego Camper '15

    • 5/5.
    Loved this camp

    This camp was so fun. I enjoyed myself. The bed was okay, but the food, the instructions, and the overall camp itself was amazing. I loved making new friends and working on skills to improve. They gave awards so people had a chance to shine. It was amazing, and I would totally go again.

    — University of San Diego Camper '15

    • 5/5.
    Individual attention

    They work with individual people equally, giving each person a chance to play and work on skills. Also, they give each player credit for good plays/skills.

    — University of San Diego Camper '15

    • 5/5.
    Friendly environment

    I would recommend this camp because it is a lot of fun playing with everyone and meeting new people. I learned a lot and it was a really friendly environment!

    — University of San Diego Camper '13

    • 5/5.
    Grew as a player

    I found the groove of the camp to be very relaxing, which helped me focus on learning more skills and playing in games. The coaching staff answers questions with gusto and often times explain even further than I had ever thought possible. I asked for feedback and I got it. It helped grow exponentially as a player.

    — University of San Diego Camper '13

    • 5/5.
    Great field hockey experience

    Don't miss out on a great field hockey experience!! I'll be there next year!!

    — University of San Diego Camper '13

    • 5/5.
    Attending next year

    My daughter had an absolute blast at the Nike Field Hockey camp at USD. She loved it so much she tried to talk me into letting her go to the camp at Stanford two weeks later! Shes already planning to attend next year!

    — Parent of University of San Diego Camper

    • 5/5.
    Incredibly organized

    From a parent's stand point, this was our first time, I felt everything was incredibly organized and ran smooth. Registration and checking in was easy. My daughter had a great experience, she came back very motivated, and had improved her skill level. We will definitely be back next year.

    — Parent of University of San Diego Camper

    • 5/5.
    Very impressed

    This was a quality camp, from top to bottom. My daughter said that she learned more by lunch on the second day than she has learned in a whole week at other camps. The coaches somehow found a way to make the camp challenging, yet so much fun for the girls! That is truly a rare combination! We were all very impressed with these people and hope to attend more of their camps in the future.

    — Parent of University of San Diego Camper

Nike Field Hockey Camp at University of San Diego

Vianney Yamada (Campos), Camp Director
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, California 92110
Questions? Call 1-800-645-3226
Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm PST


Last year over 650 Sports Camps sold out, leaving 7,000+ campers on the waitlist. Due to high demand, early registration for our first-come-first-serve camps is strongly recommended.

Camp Dates & Prices

Programs: Varsity, JV, Jr High, Beginner
Age Group: 10 - 18
Gender: Girls
*Please note: Last year, this camp SOLD OUT at this location. Due to high demand and limited spaces left for this session, the price has increased.
Extended Day (Commuter) $795.00
Availability: Limited

Overnight (girls only) $875.00
Availability: Limited

* Pricing is subject to change based on availability. Enroll today to secure current rates.
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