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Presented by Vianney Yamada (Campos), Camp Director
Nike Field Hockey Camp at University of San Diego

Field Hockey Tips: Perfecting your Jab

Field hockey jab

The jab is an important component of field hockey that every player should master. A good jab isn't just for a defender, it can be used in every position on the field. Our directors at Summer Field Hockey Camps teach the techniques of how to master your jab. Watch the video presented by Nike Camp Director, Vianney Yamada, on how to practice at home!

How to jab: When you're coming into a position to jab, it is important to protect your feet. Your stick should move side to side in order to protect your feet. The flat portion of your stick should face forward in order to execute a successful jab. When you've found the perfect timing, step forward and jab at the ball

How to practice the jab:

1. Set up five cones in front of you with balls sitting on top of each cone.

2. Align your body facing the cones. Practice protecting your feet by moving the stick back and forth.

3. After you've moved the stick back and forth jab at the ball.

4. Continue this process throughout all five cones.

Bonus Tip:

Remember it's okay to miss the ball! If you miss on a jab, retreat, protect your feet, and try again!

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