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Field Hockey Tip: Mental Toughness

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Being mentally tough is essential in the sport of field hockey. Players can put in the physical work and training year-round, but if they are not working on their mental game, it will be difficult to progress. Staying confident and composed when put under pressure will set you apart and make you an unstoppable field hockey player! Check out the field hockey tips below to become the best version of yourself.

Remember the three C’s:

1. Commitment - If you want to be a champion, you have to train like one and be willing to do what it takes to be the best. Your commitment has to be more than the physical aspect. Commit to breaking the mental barrier by pushing yourself when you feel tired, avoid getting upset when you lose a game or fail, and most importantly, never give up. These things will take practice, time, and commitment, just like any other field hockey skill.

2. Confidence - To be a mentally tough field hockey player, you must believe in yourself and have the confidence to accomplish anything. Confidence will minimize your nerves, allow you to play well under pressure, and rebound from mistakes quickly. You will notice a significant improvement in your mental state and in return your field hockey skills will see overall improvement.

3. Concentration - If you want the key to a successful field hockey game, it comes down to mental concentration. Concentrating on the game will allow your confidence and commitment to carry you through successfully. Do not concentrate on anything other than the present play at hand. If you lose focus, you will need mental toughness to bring yourself back and concentrate on what is important.

Put your mental game to the test and join us at a field hockey camp this summer.

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