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Field Hockey Tip: How to Hit Harder

Field Hockey Basics

Field Hockey beginners will learn the fundamentals on how to play the game!

In field hockey, hitting is a skill that is used by all players and is an important aspect of the game. Many factors contribute to making this a difficult skill to master, but through practice and dedication, you'll have it down in no time. Check out more Field Hockey Tips if you’re looking to improve your skills!

Tip #1: Physical strength. One of the biggest factors that contribute to how hard you hit is physical strength. Players can incorporate strength training for legs, core, and upper body. Increasing strength will not only benefit your hitting skills but will also help you improve as an overall field hockey player.

Tip #2: Technique and Timing. These two factors can be tedious to master, but you will find consistency and accuracy in your hard hits once you get them down. To hit harder, you need to generate more force which means practicing a faster swing. Another thing to remember is to keep your head down and body low throughout the entire swing and follow through with all your weight ending up on your front foot.

Tip #3: Repetition and Practice. The best way to learn a new skill is to practice repetitions of the movement over and over until muscle memory takes over and the skill becomes second nature. Find a grassy area and a wall that is safe to hit the field hockey ball against. Practicing this way will also help develop a better first touch as the ball comes back to you!

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