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Presented by Vianney Yamada (Campos), Camp Director
Nike Field Hockey Camp at University of San Diego

How to Improve Field Hockey Pulls at Home

Check out this at-home field hockey tip presented by Vianney Yamada, former Head Field Hockey Coach at UC Davis and Nike Camp Director at our summer field hockey camps in California held at the University of San Diego and Pepperdine University. Check out Coach Yamada's video tip to help you improve your pulls with an at-home drill.

The Set up
For this drill, 2 cones will be needed. Set two cones slightly shorter than stick length apart. As the drill progresses, the cones will be moved farther apart.

The Drill:

In this drill, to start off we want to focus on small pulls shifting body weight back and forth. Hand placement is important, place your hand half way down the stick below the grip. Make sure to have a controlled and firm grip. Facing the cones, getting in to an athletic Field Hockey position, bending the knees and getting over the ball. Dragging the ball from cone to cone, as shown in the video. Do this drill as often as you can to help improve your pulls and stick skill abilities.

This drill taught at our Nike Field Hockey Camps, is something you can do at home, by yourself, with a small area. Join Vianney at camp this summer for more game-changing field hockey tips and elite-level instruction.

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