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Presented by Vianney Yamada (Campos), Camp Director
Nike Field Hockey Camp at University of San Diego

Tips to improve Triangle Receptions

Triangle Receptions

Developing strong receptions is key to helping take your game to the next level! For this skill, we will aim at consistency in our hand position, body position and transitions. Take a look at the skills and pictures below to perfect the Triangle Receptions. Practice this skills at our Nike Field Hockey camps this summer!

The Skill:

  • The triangle reception starts with hands spread out on the stick with the right hand dropping a little lower than our dribbling position. The lower the hand, the more the control.

  • The stick needs to be in between the feet slight tilted forward to provide a way to trap/cradle the ball without it rolling up your stick.

  • You want your body behind the stick and in an athletic position (slight bend at the knees) with the feet slightly staggered to allow you to transition into movement right after you trap the ball.

  • Focus on watching the ball all the way into your stick for better results.

When to use it:

  • In high pressure situations where you need to make sure the ball gets trapped properly.

  • When you have opponents directly around you.

  • When the ball is a little bouncy.

  • When you want to change directions quickly but want to protect the ball

When not to use it:

  • For a block tackle against an opponent. For example, if that are coming at you at full speed.

  • If you can’t move your body to get behind the ball.

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