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Presented by Vianney Yamada (Campos), Camp Director
Nike Field Hockey Camp at University of San Diego

How to perform a Short Grip Hit

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Don’t underestimate the power and accuracy behind the Short Grip Hit also known as a Choke Hit. This is one of my

favorite skills to use in pressure situations, that when done correctly, can reap some great results! Check out below the tips to using the skill and when to use from our Nike Camp Director Vianney Yamada.

The Skill:

  • The Long Grip Hit starts with the hands together in the middle of the grip.

  • A firm grip on the stick will allow you to break through the wrist for control without rotating in the hands.

  • Ball position will be centered to your body or slightly towards the front foot but not very far away from you.

  • Set up with the flat part of the stick lined up to the ball, bring the stick back just a few inches and swing the stick back making contact with the flat part of the stick. Avoid hitting the ball with the edges of the stick.

  • When making contact, you still want there to be balance in your body so bend your front leg. Since this skill is performed under more pressure situations, you won’t have time to step towards the ball so you will be in more of an athletic position with both legs slightly bent and a very small shift of the weight as you follow through on your shot.

  • Keep your eyes on the ball at all times to improve your accuracy and control.

Short Grip Hit aka Choke Hit
Nike Camp Director Vianney Yamada displays the steps on how to perform the shot grip hit

When to use it:

  • This hit can be useful in higher pressure situations with opponents a bit closer. It is meant to be short and fast, not requiring too much time with the stick away from the ball.

  • Medium to long distance passes that require speed on the ball.

  • Shots on cage that require power.

  • Clearing the ball out of the circle quickly and powerfully.

When not to use it:

  • When your opponent is directly in front of you.

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