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Running Tip: Hill Runs


There is a reason why many of our cross country camps incorporate hill runs in training sessions. Aside from the aesthetic aspect of it, hill runs can improve a runner’s endurance, speed, power, strength, flexibility, breathing efficiency, etc. Here are a few tips for running hills.

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Uphill Form

  • Keep your chest straight and open.
  • Keep your head in front and looking straight ahead.
  • Your arms should be pumping straight forward and back.
  • Raise your knees higher off the ground.
  • Keep your ankles straight and flexed.

Downhill Form

  • Keep your chest up
  • Keep your head straight and looking forward.
  • Slightly extend your stride
  • Make sure the middle of your foot contacts the ground first.


  • Maintain the same pace throughout your run.
  • Don’t use too much energy early and burn out.
  • Focus on maintaining the same effort regardless of speed.
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